Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower - Outcome

Well what an incredible two weeks it has been hosting the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower with Laura and Rebekah. Not only is the Dark Fairy Queen herself, Anna Meade, incredibly funny and creative, and able to bring love, laughter and excitement to any Facebook or Twitter party, she also brought a HUGE entourage of writers, which made it a very special place to be indeed.

From Fairy dust to Wombat Canon's, from quibbling over word counts, tantrums, mutiny, and 30 ways to cook bacon, to sharing wedding photos and romantic stories. It was a magical place to be. I couldn't have been more grateful to be a part of such an amazing talented group of writers. I wanted to hang out there all day and night, and for the most part I did!

And the amazing, talented authors spoilt us rotten with their entries, which ranged across all the genres; romance, fantasy, fairy tale, zombie, thriller and sci-fi, and huge amounts of humour! I was amazed and delighted by the high standard of writing, and marveled at how lucky I was to revel in it!

As for the eBook, it will be a fat one, at 75 entries! And presented to the Bride to be first, before anyone else gets their free copies. Anna has gone to great lengths not to read any of the entries at all so far (despite our teasing), and is instead waiting to savour them in one go - what a feast that will be!

There is yet the cover and title reveal to come, which can't be mentioned without a special thanks to Susi who helped with that, and who has also given us huge support with how to go about this whole venture. I can't wait to see it complete!

But in the meantime, I will just tease you all with the roll call of Titles and Authors who have contributed.

Saskia and Devlin  By Rosalind Smith-Nazilli        
Ceremony of Shadows  By Daniel Swensen
Unlawful Impediment By Keith B Walters
Crow and The Unicorn By Michael Wombat
The Magical Properties of Troll Teeth By Lisa T. Cresswell
Wanted: One Mortal Husband By Peter Meyers
Assassin’s Vow By Marissa Ames
Let’s Fall In Love By Angie Richmond
The New Melody By Sorcha O’Dowd
Wings By Eric Martell
Rebirth in the Face of the Undead By Brandie McAdams
The Proposal By SJI Holliday
Reginald is Surprised By A.E. Howard
When the Rain Came – A Wedding Story By Leslie Fulton
The End of the Problem of the End By Rebekah Postupak
With a Kiss By Steven Paul Watson
A Curious Madness By Ruth Long
Can’t Wait Another Minute By Jennifer Gracen
A Knight’s Tale By Meg McNulty
The Dark Fairy Queen By Kevin Hammond
The Necklace of Tears By Sarah Nicholson
For Anna By Tara Allen
Meant To Be By J.M.Blackman
Anna Meade and the Shark-Men of Jupiter by Lisa V. Tomecek
You Can Do A Lot In Three Hours By McKenzie Barham
And Vows By J.Birch
Falling To The Ground By Afsaneh Khetrapal
Flee, Fly, Flew By Marjie Myers
The Old Ways By Tracy McCusker
The Bride By Christina Ramey
A Moment Under The Moon By Ang Writes
Dark Faery Wedding By Amaranth Enchantment
Fast Lane By Jeff Tsuruoka
Sweet Sorrow By Sarah Aisling
Trotting Toward a Life of Happiness By Susan Smith-Josephy
Some Things Are Meant To Be By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Beauty in the Beast By Miranda Kate
Noctilite Tryst By Lisa Shambrook
Puck’s Comeuppance By Angela Goff
Love’s Truth By Eva Rieder
In The Sight of God By Cory John Eadson
Alma se Funden By Jean Booth
Anna By JB Lacaden
Together By Lizzie Koch
Spellbinding By Cameron Lawton
A Fairy Tale By Reb Kreyling
A Very Faery Wedding By Christina Krieger
The One By Katie Jennings
Electric Dreams By Nick Johns
Can’t Wait Another Minute By Jennifer Gracen
Blackbird By Michael Sands
Once Around The Park By Joni Lynn
A Faie Classy By Unknown
Majestic Magic By Jenny Tacken
Sacrifice By Imran Siddiq
Winged Victory By Alissa Leonard
Time for Cake By Holly Kench
Crane By Angela Readman
Uncle Frank By LE Jamez
I Think That Went Well, Don’t You? By Mark Ethridge
The Moon Lady By Ailsa Abraham
Be Careful What You Wish For By Victoria Pearson
Anna’s Wolves By Rebecca Fyfe
When the Fairy King Lost His Tongue By Beth Avery
Eternity By A.D. Trosper
A Simple Proposal By J. Whitworth Hazzard
Something Borrowed By Jeffrey Hollar
Three Magic Words By Lillie McFerrin
The Plan By Mona Bliss
Tinker My Heart By Stacy Bennett-Hoyt
Gimmie, Gimmie By Chris Fitzner
The Flower Girl By A.K. Anderson
An Afternoon of Summer By Jessica Maybury
An invitation on blue parchment By Alex Brightsmith
Written on the Heart By Jenn Monty
Wedding Night By Michael Manz


  1. You ladies are awesome! I just hope I can keep from swallowing my tongue as I wait for it ;)

    <3 DFQ

  2. Looks to be a fantastic collection!

  3. I am blown away by all the entries. What a wonderful adventure.

  4. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting this together for Anna :) Am simply amazed at all of these wonderful titles! ~~Joni Lynn

  5. Thanks for everything you have done for this collection!