Monday 3 March 2014

Visual Dare - Remote

Another great photo this week, I didn't want to miss from this weeks Visual Dare. This picture is so surreal but speaks to me on all sorts of levels. This is what it said to me.


She thought the noise in her head was normal, that the constant run of home-made movies in there was what everyone did. She thought everyone relived their lives in this same cinematic way, creating their own drama, persecuting themselves with clips of what they wished they’d said and done.

It seemed not. It seemed others could live free of this, that they had space in their heads to move around, live, breathe and think at a normal, unrushed pace. They didn’t chase thoughts related to the present day, or remind themselves of what they should be doing so they didn’t turn up late.

And this revelation exasperated her already tenuous state of mind, one running beyond capacity, causing the carefully constructed house she’d built inside her mind to come tumbling down. She could glimpse the daylight through the broken roof, but she couldn’t climb out. She was stranded. 

148 Words

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  1. Wow. I really love what you done with this photo prompt. I can relate with the cinematic clips flashing through my mind.