Wednesday 20 September 2017

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 22

This week's photo was taken by Hendrik Sorensen, a Danish born photographer and filmmaker. He takes some incredible pictures; you can view on his website here. It has so much to offer, look forward to what you will make of it.

I had a couple of false starts with this picture, where I felt like I was rehashing the same old story. So  I basically ended up with the rush of emotions it brings to me, written in a form of prose. Flash writing can, afterall, be whatever it needs to be.

The General Guidelines can be found here.

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Living in limbo 

What is it like to feel you can’t show your true self, feeling you have to hide it from the world? When you can’t be who you want to be; when everything around you stifles and chastises you?  It’s like dancing under water, trying to move elegantly and beautifully while being restricted, each movement an effort as the water pushes back against your limbs; holding your breath, fearful to release it as though doing so might bring the end of you. The pressure on your lungs painful in your chest, squeezing you heart.

I want to soar and rise, and burst free from my shackles; release the burdens holding me down.

I want to let the light from within me shine out like a beacon to guide others, and not be scattered or reflected off things or people around me, which diminish or leech off it. 

I want to fill my lungs with the air of freedom. I want my heart to expand with joy; to liberate and open it up to giving and receiving. 

Most of all I want to grow, and be, and live.

But until that time, I will keep on swimming my beautiful dance; appreciate what I have to offer in my confined space, and do it with grace and sophistication.


  1. You had to know I'd show up. I tried something different. Just 'cause I didn't want to tell the same store over and over.

    A Work Of Art

    1. I liked it. Sad ending though. Thanks for taking part.

      But your link is not working for me, so here is another for any readers:

      A Work Of Art