Wednesday 8 July 2020

Mid-Week flash on hiatus until September 9th!

With having bought a new house, & all the renovation work we are doing and moving at the end of this month, I am sorry to say that I have to put #MidWeekFlash on hiatus until the middle of August. My head is so full I just can't quite manage it at the moment.

This is only the second time I have done this - last time was back in 2017 (wow I've been doing this for longer than I thought!).

Apologies to recent joiners, but DO feel free to write for ANY of the previous posts (including this picture). There are no time limits on these challenges and you will find all previous photos in the photo album (now called Media in the new interface), including the link to the post on the blog.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Sleep available at a rock bottom price.

It's not often I share the promotions I take part in on my blog - usually I share them on twitter or via my newsletter, but it's also not often I promote this book at such a low price.

I have joined 80+ authors over on Book Funnel, and taken part in the July Beach Reads promotion. All of the books are Women's Fiction and fall under family dramas - although genres vary within that.  

My novel, Sleep, a Psychological Thriller, is available for $.99/£.99 through this promotion for the entire month of July.

This is only the second time I've priced it this low, and it will be a while before I do it again, so snap it up while you can and feel free to pass it on to others.

<click on the book cover to go to the link>

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 164

This week's photo prompt is from Horror writer Mark Cassell. I found the angle interesting.

He says: 'Location research snappoids (this really should be a word). I have a main character who runs from a cosmic nightmare on this very spot here in Dungeness.'

Dungeness is on the south coast of England (in Kent). 

I've gone dark with this story, because, afterall, Mark is a horror writer. 

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It slithered over the edge of the boat it had been hiding in. It could see another boat nearby but knew it didn’t contain what it sought. It needed more than just the remains of the sea crustaceans in the old nets; it needed something warm, something living.

It crept up the beach toward the sound of voices. Daylight was dimming; it could stay invisible among the stones and get closer. They weren’t paying attention, too caught up in their argument. It edged round behind the woman.

‘But why do we always have to come here?’

‘For privacy, you know how my mum is.’

‘She doesn’t think I’m good enough for you.’

‘It’s not that. She’s just a little possessive that’s all.’

‘It’s peculiar if you ask me.’

‘That’s my mum you’re talking about ...’


‘She’s just looking out for me.’

‘So you agree with her, I’m not good enough for you?’

‘I didn’t say that.’

‘Sounds like it to me.’

‘Why? Cuz I won’t let you bash my mum?’

‘I’m not bashing her. I just think she needs to stop treating you as a little boy. You’re a grown man.’

‘She’s my mum; I’ll always be her little boy.’

‘She needs to get a life.’

‘Oi! That’s enough, alright?’

‘I just don’t know why we always have to come to the beach and freeze our arses off.’

‘Where else do you suggest we go? It’s not like your house is any better with your brother and your dad hanging around, making leery comments. And I don’t have the cash at the moment to be going to the cafe or the pub every time.’

‘If it’s so hard maybe we shouldn’t bother.’

‘Oh you want to break up now, do you?’

‘I didn’t say that.’

In the brief pause of awkwardness, it took the opportunity to get up close and personal. It slithered up the back of the woman, and she shivered.


‘Just suddenly feel cold up my back, that’s all.’

‘Come closer then, and I’ll get you warm.’

They huddled up together, the man putting his arms round the woman. She moved her head in close. Then they looked at each other and made contact with their mouths, perfect for its intention.

It moved up round the woman’s neck, enjoying the sudden heat that had taken over her body, and latched onto the vein throbbing on the side of her neck, drinking deep until it merged with her.

The man cried out and pulled his face off the woman’s, his hand trying to stem the flow of blood coming from his mouth. He tried to speak but couldn’t form his words properly.

‘wah ooo ooo at foor, my ung!’

The woman grinned, then lunged at him, this time taking more than his tongue.