Monday, 14 January 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Inspire

Lillie McFerrin's weekly Flash Fiction prompt

This weeks prompt is the word 'Inspire' - this is where it took me.

“Inspire me!” She whispered in my ear, which made me stop and pull myself up on my arms so I could look her in the face. “What?” I asked; confused by such a request, which wasn’t along the lines of the usual dirty talk I was used to getting this far into a gig.

She gave a heavy sigh and looked irritated, her tone confirming it as she said, “Look, I’m not paying for some quick jump here, I want it good, I want it to move me, and I want it to be beyond exceptional, okay?”

I raised my eyebrows at her, thinking about what she was asking for, and what I was prepared to give, and replied, “Sorry lady, you’re good, but you ain’t THAT good - and I ain’t the exceptional type.”

I rolled off the bed and pulled up my trousers, her open mouth demonstrating that people didn’t normally refuse her, so I left her with some words of advice; “If you want to receive something in this world, you have to be ready to give it first.”  


  1. Oh yes, sound advice indeed! Made me smile too!

  2. Beyond exceptional hey? I wonder if she ever finds it ... ;)
    Nice one, made me grin.

  3. That is one picky gigolo.
    Good advice, though


  4. Thanks for you comments - but picky? I think she is asking just a little too much, as as he said, he is not the exceptional type! LOL

  5. I like the ending!Whether horizontal or not, there is always room to give and she better learn quick lol. A very enjoyable piece that made me smile.x