Tuesday 28 May 2013

Visual Dare 21 - Diverge

I couldn't resist the Visual Dare this month. 
Another good photo, prompting something dark.


They hadn’t suspected a thing all these years, and he laughed to himself as he sat on the grassy hillock surveying the cemetery. They’d all gone now - those that had managed to get away, screaming as they went. He wondered if they would come back tomorrow with reinforcements and chuckled at what they might be; the standard stake no doubt, or would they manage to find a silver bullet? Little did they know that they were just fables.

He looked at the carriage which had managed to remain erect in the melee, and his home which had tumbled out the back crashing to the ground. It had been such a rude awakening.

They’d taken him for dead you see, and he chided himself for moving his bed up from the basement to the living room. Living room, he chuckled again at the irony of it.

 146 Words



  1. We have obviously both got dark souls... Nice one babe...x

  2. Ha ha, I'd like to have seen that!

  3. LOL! I love the point of view, the darkly humorous undertone of a POV character who is obviously not entirely stable - or alive! Great twist and excellent take on the prompt. Love this!!