Tuesday 4 June 2013

NFFD - Somebody to Die For

For the National Flash Fiction Day on June 22nd 2013, several competitions are run, and you can also submit a piece for an anthology called Jawbreakers.

I submitted a piece for the anthology, and although I wasn't successful (they picked just 50 out of 300 entries), I liked my little piece.

Title: Somebody to Die for

She squashed herself into the corner under the bridge trying to make herself as invisible as possible. She shut her eyes against the dank surroundings and the others sitting there in their dirty clothing. The smell of despair was all over them, mixed with the reek of desperation.

She slipped her ear phones out of the hidden pocket inside her jacket. She didn’t want anyone seeing them; they might snatch them off her. She pressed the button on the tiny disc play and let the music take her. If she climbed inside it she would be safe.

As the notes took her, the lyrics penetrated her mind bringing tears to her eyes. She let them fall, let them wash her face and cleanse her of the dirt of life on the street. The words recalled all the things she still desired for herself, reminding her of the frustration that they might now never be possible. She hugged her knees and rocked. She lived inside the song imagining the love and passion it spoke of, letting her soul feel the very idea, her mind drifting to scenarios of joy and happiness.

She fought the little voice that told her that it would never happen for her now. She resisted its negativity. She squeezed her eyes tight and held onto the singer’s voice willing it to carry her away.  

Like an electric shock the touch of another’s hand on her shoulder made her jump to her feet, almost causing her to head butt the owner.

“Sarah? Is it you?”

The sweetness of his voice almost broke her heart and she flicked the earphones out in one swift motion as she threw her arms round his neck.

“David, I found you!” As she squeezed him tight and buried her face in his shoulder, she ignored the foul stench of his thin coat. She caressed his oily, limp hair, remembering when it had been fresh.

“How long have you been here?” He pulled her back, anger in his eyes as he searched hers for understanding.

“About a week. I couldn’t be there without you. Everything seemed pointless.”

His hands clenched her arms and he gave her a slight shake as he said, “But you can’t be here Sarah, it’s not safe for you. You have to go back now! Tonight!”

She hadn’t expected him to reject her, her stomach churned at the thought of leaving alone. “I’m not going anywhere without you.” She stood firm, defiant.

He sighed. His eyes softening and he embraced her. “I can’t stay, you know that, I have to remain hidden, but I’ll take you back.” He noticed her earphones. “What you been listening to?”

She grinned. “Your favourite. Here have a listen.” She pushed one of them in his ear, and put the other in hers. She watched as his face relaxed and a smile appeared, and they both floated away into the song, momentarily forgetting their hopeless situation.  

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  1. Well, that hints at something more doesn't it? I wonder what put them in this situation and what the situation actually is...her hopelessness comes across really nicely, now I hope they can make something of whatever they have together!