Monday 28 October 2013

Mating - MWBB - Winner!

This was my first Mid-Week Blues-Buster in several weeks, and the second I heard the song the story appeared. I love it when that happens. And it clearly works too as it earned me a winner! I haven't been ranked in the Top 3 for a couple of months now, so I am stoked about that! Have a read.

The prompt song this week was:
 Howlin’ For You, by The Black Keys
The white line in the middle of the road kept him on track. His brain couldn’t compute much else in the darkness; it was mush after seeing her.

With each white streak thoughts came to him, images of how he would get her, how he would have her; he knew he could do it. A smile crept across his face. His incisors touched his bottom lip for the first time in months, and he looked up, seeing the road for the first time, tires screeching as he did a U-turn.

He hoped she would still be walking. She always did when spending the night at Duke’s shed. She couldn’t stand to get in a car when she was drunk, made her queasy she said.

He passed the bar, the external lights not quite reaching the road, and slowed down, seeing figures walking on either side of the street. Then he spotted her, striding ahead of the rest.

He reduced to a crawl and ran along the curb, rolling down his window. She flicked a glance his way.

“What do you want Dean?”

He bit his tongue over the obvious single word answer, and grinned at her.

“Come get in the car, Darleen.”

She laughed at the sky as she walked, her hair flying back. He wanted to wrap his hands in it and draw her into him.

“You know that ain’t gonna happen, Dean.”

He glanced in the rear view mirror. He couldn’t see anyone close by, so he mounted the sidewalk in front of her, leaning over to open the passenger door; letting it swung out in front of her.

She stopped raising her hands as though touching it would get her all dirty. He would love to get her dirty.

“You know you want to Darleen.”

That laugh again - he wanted her. 

She stepped off to the side, planning to walk round. He growled under his breath and leapt out of the car. This time there was a look of fear and he felt a surge run through him like someone had plugged him in. He liked it, but he stayed by the door not wanting her to run; that wasn’t how he wanted this to go.

“Arh, come on Darleen. You know me, I ain’t gonna do anything spooky. I just thought it’d be cool to take a ride. Go look at the moon over the ridge. Maybe have a smoke.”

This last brought a raised eyebrow. He knew she liked having a smoke; they’d been stoned a few times - but always in a group. He could see her wavering. He turned, putting a foot back inside.

“Come on, Darleen. Please?”

She shrugged. “Oh what the hell. It’d better be good shit.”

“Don’t worry, it is.”

Once she was settled in he pulled out, doing another U-turn back the way he came. He could smell her musky sweet scent and he shifted in his seat, itching to reach over and touch her.

They chit chatted over the night in the bar, then silence fell as they came up the rise of the road and the moon came into view. It was fat tonight and he felt his ears twitch. Behind glass he was safe.

He pulled off onto the rocky track, driving to the look out. She sighed as it came into view.

He pulled up, the moonlight streaming in like a false daylight. He had no trouble skinning up without the lights on and they smoked in silence.

She opened her door first, arching her back as she got out. He imagined running his fingers down her spine. As his feet touched the ground he could feel the ripple. He arched as he stood too.

When he turned and looked at her across the roof of the car he smiled. His incisors enlarged, and he knew that he displayed the same yellow eyes that reflected back at him. Her laugh was raspy.

“I knew it! Get over here now!”

Her demand caused him to howl and she joined him as he scampered round to her.

Onlookers would think they were seeing two wolves mating that night, but they knew the truth.


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