Tuesday 26 November 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Pieces

I've just managed to get this weeks Five Sentence Fiction in before the deadline. Great photo, great prompt. Enjoy!


When she dropped the granite statue into the middle of the glass table, it shattered with a boom, making her smile; she’d always wanted to do that ever since she’d laid eyes on the damn thing.

He’d loved it more than her, always polishing it, nagging her every time she wanted to put a drink on it, using it as a tool to compare her imperfections to - even holding her face against it. She wondered how he’d love it now.

She relished the crunching sound as she walked across the floor to the door, grinding her heels hard into it, making sure it left marks on the tiled floor, although none of them would be as deep as the marks he’d left on her – and not just those he’d made with his fists.  

She grabbed her case and went to the front door, wishing she could be a fly on the wall when he got home.


  1. Sounds like she's better off getting the heck out of Dodge! Nice job. :)

  2. Ooooh. This is wicked!
    Reminded me a bit of Pygmalion with the granite statue and all. There was also an Arabic interpretation of the myth by dramatist Tawfik El Hakim where Pygmalion was unhappy both when the statue came to life and when it returned to its granite form.
    Enough rambling.. this is an excellent piece! I love the ending.

    Excellent story in 5 sentences!

  3. Thanks Nada, and how interesting, I meant the glass table, but yes, now I read it again it could also be the granite statue! And I change the world table to thing at the end of the first sentence....I find it fascinating how we can all read different things into the same piece.