Wednesday 9 July 2014

Horror Bites - Bag of Troubles

The new Horror Bites photo prompt was an interesting one this time, and provoked all kinds of ideas, but this one stayed with me. Enjoy!

Office Work

When the sack arrived Herman was intrigued. Everything in the post room came in a dull grey, so silver stood out, catching the eye and glimmering in the muted overhead lights.

He heaved it up onto the counter, curious what could be so heavy; it was bulkier than normal post bags and less flexible. He pulled at the draw string and a pair of shoes fell out.

Herman jumped back startled, then checked no-one had noticed. Fortunately the repetitious sorting of letters was still taking up everyone’s attention.

With thumb and forefinger he gingerly picked up one of the ladies pumps. His heart raced and fear clenched his stomach as he recognised it. When he picked up the other one he found a spot of blood on the heel and couldn’t help but release a moan as his initial dread increased.

A couple of colleagues heard the sound and looked over. Seeing Herman with a hand on his stomach, one called out, “If you’re gonna up chuck, go to the toilet and do it, will ya?”

He didn’t respond; his eyes transfixed on the scarf that had fallen out too. There was more blood on it and he knew that if he looked further he’d find more than just clothing.

His mind raced. How had it arrived here in front of him? Who had sent it? Who knew?

Herman took furtive glances round him, sure someone must be watching, but those that hadn’t gone out on deliveries were busy filling their bags; no-one was looking.

He gathered himself, taking in a breath as he stuffed the shoes and scarf back into the bag and pulled the draw string tight. Then he lifted it onto the trolley with the other bags ready for his van. 

He’d take it out with him and find a safe place to dump it, but he had to be careful, clearly someone was observing him. Although, if he played this right Lizzy’s body would be the only one he’d be dispensing with today.

The knot of fear released and he laughed as he got in his van. That would make two in two days. He was getting quite good at this murder lark.

367 words


  1. Nice and sinister, Miranda. Well done. :-)

  2. Not a bag I'd want delivered!

    1. And certainly not if you were responsible for it!

  3. Moral of the story: Practice makes perfect!

    I think Herman's dark side is about to get even darker!

    Very good. You could make a novel out of this!

  4. Hehe brilliant, loved the ending. Agree that this could be a much bigger story too :)