Sunday 19 October 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Falling

This week's Five Sentence Fiction is a light one for me this time, but the photo inspired it. For me I feel the need to combine the two, rather than just take one.


She wanted to so badly, but there were so many risks involved; would she regret it, were they really right for each other, would he break her heart, and most importantly: would he love her back?

She told herself, what was life without taking risks, but the fear was overwhelming. She put it down to previous experiences, particularly last time when she was dumped for being too emotional – oh and the time before that for being too insecure. If she fell this time there was no one to catch her, there was a chance she might go splat on the pavement.

She looked at him as he walked into the kitchen, rubbing his sleep ruffled hair, grinning at her as she proffered a cup of tea she’d just made; she had to risk it, she really did, and hopefully they would fall together and float down with a soft, gentle landing. 

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