Wednesday 26 August 2015

Visual Dare - Safe

And here is the other late entry for Visual Dare This photo had to be written for, and although it doesn't have to relate to homeless children (it could be a child camping out on a hot night), it is what I saw. Enjoy.


Joppy was no longer on the ground and that counted for a lot. It put him one step above the rest and free from the fight over bedding.

He laid out his prize across the worn fire escape, and made a nest, ignoring the creak and groans of the rusting metalwork.

The boarded up windows in the building meant he wouldn’t be hassled by any residence and told, for the umpteenth time, to move along. People didn’t see a child; they only saw a pest; a scavenger ruining their pristine garbage; a parasite leeching off them; a stain marring their guilt free conscience.

But this location was safe from that, at least for as long as the iron held. 

122 Words

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