Wednesday 6 June 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 58

This week's photo prompt is by artist, Vimark (Max Mitenkov), an artist from Belarus. This piece is called 'To another reality'. He has some incredible work and you can see a lot of it on his page on Deviant Art. And a smaller collection can be viewed on his website. I will definitely be revisiting this artist.

One of my favourite topics for writing - and one that the new collection of stories I will be releasing in the summer focuses on - is the idea of time parallels and/or dimensions. A little bit surreal, a little bit dark. I quite liked how this one turned out.

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Energy Provider

She gazed out at the city from the rope ladder. It was another existence in another bubble that had no clue. Like they all did, they thought they were the only ones. She chuckled to herself.

“Adriana, what’re you laughing at?” Rufus called down the ladder.

“Oh nothing, just their oblivion about living in that gap between times.”

“There’s tons of them, come on, we’ve got work to do.”

Adriana didn’t want to work; she liked hanging out, literally, on the ladder. She liked daydreaming about all these worlds – this one in particular - and the people in them: their societies, their rules, and their ignorance. She wondered what they would think if they knew that they were just a cog, a simple stop point that provided energy to another system of life.

She started up the ladder, admiring the pretty decoration of ‘night sky’ that Radley had created for them to give them more meaning and perspective. He was a real artist and she wished she had half his skill.

When she reached the platform where Rufus was waiting for her, she pulled herself up to standing.

“What’s the plan then?”

“Well they’re getting a bit feisty down there. There’s been some talk about how their culling is imminent.”

“I didn’t think we needed to make those decisions anymore, I thought they took care of themselves. There’s enough killing going on.”

“No, not us culling, them culling. You know, like the Aztecs and the Atlantians?”

“Oh god, that was a pain in the arse!”


“But I thought this lot had evolved past that?”

“Seems not. Seems they’ve got themselves stuck in a loop and can’t break out of it. Their thought processes are too short. They’ve started down into a negative spiral, losing strength and purpose.”

“But if we lose this lot, it’s going to put strain on about twenty others!”

“Tell me about it.”

Adriana sighed. “Okay, so what are we going to have to do?”

“A second coming.”

“A what?” Adriana wasn’t familiar with this time loop’s history. “What’s that?”

“It’s what they call a ‘religion ’ thing.” Rufus was preparing some equipment that had been brought to the platform: a winch, a sling and some ropes.

“Religion? What that restrictive mindset they use to control huge amounts of their people and stop them expanding into higher thought processes?”

“That’s the one.”

“And if this is second there must have been a first ...?”

“Yep. Jesus, remember him? He worked over at dimension two.”

“Didn’t they end up crucifying him?”

“That’s right. But he was brought back up. He’s fine, he’s over at section five now.”

“Nice. I’d love to go there.” Adriana had heard about the sections and five was a good one to end up in. You reaped many benefits there.

“Well you might get a chance then.” Rufus handed her a rope.

“Me?! I thought you’d be the one going?”

“Nope, they reckon you are the one to pull it off.”

“But their society won’t recognise me. You know how prejudice they are against genders.”

“Yes, but you’re one of the two they recognise, so it could work.”

“Could? What use is could? What’s the point in doing it if it isn’t an absolute?”

“There are no absolutes, you know that – even THEY know that! There’s an underground movement happening, a shift in their society, your gender is on the up rise. It has to be you.” Rufus handed her a device that looked like an earwig. “Put this in, and you’ll be guided.”

Adriana turned the device over in her hand. “I don’t know if I am up to it.”

“Oh come on, you’ve been fantasising about going there. You always linger over that place more than any other.”

“Maybe. But this is a big job, an important job.” Adriana’s mind reeled at what was ahead of her.

“Exactly. Just think of section five, or even six! Just imagine!” Rufus’s eyes sparkled. “This is your opportunity Adriana, grab it with both hands.”

Adriana took a deep breath and placed the device in her ear. He was right, it was and she knew she had to. She stepped into the sling and prepared to bungy off the platform.  

“You’ll go right into your life. It’ll unfold for you. Okay?” Rufus stood at the winch.

Adriana gave him a thumbs up.

“You’re being placed in a special influential position. You’ll know what to do.”

She nodded once, and leapt. 

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