Wednesday 10 October 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 76

This week's picture is from Melbourne painter Jeremy Geddes. He has some incredible art - some of the pieces just make me go 'wow'. You can check out some of his work on his site, although sadly this piece is not on there, although another site did feature it, and it is part of his Cosmonaut series.

I'm interested in what others might make of this, I struggled to find something unique, although a recent episode of Ancient Aliens sparked this one.

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He knew it would come in handy when he’d bought it, even though his girlfriend at the time thought he was foolish. He’d made sure it was fully working too. He even paid half a year’s salary to test it out in zero gravity – man that was fun! It was big and clumpy to move about in, but in zero gravity it felt light and spacious. He’d been worried about claustrophobia but it was like being in his own capsule.

He still remembered how his ex had laughed at him when he’d first put it on – who was laughing now? Not her that’s for sure.

He’d had an inkling how things were going to go. He’d had his ear to the underground wave of information – all the conspiracy theories. People scoffed and outright laughed, but not him. There were a few that kept popping up time and again with a little bit more information, and a little bit more plausibility.

Things had ramped up: politics going to extremes, weather going to extremes, and people speaking out in the extreme. Few knew who to believe about anything. Fake news abound – and that’s when truth gets easily paraded and dismissed.

But Rod had watched it all, read it all and researched it all. He’d even contacted a few of the sources and been shown some things and taken to a few places. That’s when he’d started to prepare – especially when the whole Russian, North Korean and American thing kicked off. People thought it was about what was going on here, on Earth, but they had been wrong, oh so wrong. It was the skies they should have been looking at.

They’d been up there for years, you see – decades. And what was going on down here was actually a reflection of what was going up there – on the moon. People didn’t realise the noise in the media was a mask covering the truth behind the meetings between the three nations, or pick up on the hidden messages in the announcements.

But Rod had heard the meaning and prepared himself. His girlfriend had decided he was clearly a nutter and packed her bags. He didn’t care. It was all about survival of the fittest after all.

So when the explosions on the moon had started, and panic had gripped the world, Rod had calmly put on his suit and got ready. He’d filled his backpack with food and liquids that were created for space travel, and waited.

He had the news on, and they kept talking about ‘peace’ as though some alien nation was up there. But they weren’t aliens, they were humans. They were from a huge colony that had started back in the 60s.

Rod felt the air shift outside his suit and his oxygen tank kick in. His feet lifted up as did all the objects in the room. As anticipated, gravity was shifting as the explosions changed the moon’s axis and orbit. It would be a while before Earth found its new normal. Although right now it was the broken pieces of moon coming down that concerned Rod the most, the light from the meteors streaking across the sky and reflecting in his visor.