Monday 8 April 2019

The A-Z Blog Challenge, Letter G

Letter G of My Favourite Books by title
One series - Three brilliant books
One Genre

This series of books - Gaea's Chosen, by American indie author, Cara Michaels - might be bite size novellas, but each one offers a complete, fast moving, action packed story. 

If you like sci-fi - you will love these! And if you like paranormal romance, this fits into that genre too, cuz there is romance too. Cara is especially good at creating sexual tension in her stories, and these have it in spades!

The main character Gemma Bryant is a strong female character and the fast paced, continuous action is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. A group of people have been selected to go into space and find a planet to settle on, and they are woken up to find they have gone off course.

I can't choose between them; they are a continuation of the same story, the third being slightly further into the future. I am hoping that soon there will be a fourth.

Each one is written from another character point of view, but within the same story, and in the final one (Heavenly Bodies), each chapter hops between two characters experiencing the same event. Masterfully done.

These books are a must have for any science fiction lover. See the books and their blurb below. Directive 
Commander Gemma Bryant left Earth knowing full well the man selected to be her mate couldn't stand the sight of her…

Chosen to lead Gaea's Ark, humanity's first deep space settlement ship, Gemma is awakened from 19K years in stasis to find her mission gone horribly wrong. They're off course and missing crew, and for the remaining Chosen, the world they've landed on is far from uninhabited.

Supplies are short and cabin fever is growing. As if she doesn’t have enough to manage, a humanoid species is unexpectedly claiming her crew's attention. They're unbelievably fast and beautiful, but are they friend or enemy?

Gaea's Chosen: Ten men and ten women traveling 20 light years across the galaxy to settle a new world. The chance of disaster far outweighs the chance of success.


Event Horizon Marcus Gilpin left Earth with the woman he loved, but the very science he put his faith in promised her to another man…

Six months after waking in unknown parts of the galaxy, Marcus Gilpin is still recovering from a mauling that nearly killed him. His love gone, his ship lost—a crew of twenty now numbers only five, and he should have been among the dead.

He’s not entirely certain death wouldn’t be a relief—until he learns Gaea’s Ark isn’t alone, and a distress call reveals an unbelievable truth: The love he’d thought lost forever is still very much alive, and she’ll need his help to stay that way.

Gaea’s Chosen: Selected to settle a new world twenty light years from home…only things didn’t quite go as planned.

*** Bodies

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Francesca Tomei and Jackson Danes…

After an unexpected awakening in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way, the crew of Gaea’s Shadow is ready for a celebration. Of twenty original crew members, Jack and Frannie are the only paired couple still alive and their wedding is certain to be the talk of quadrant.

But an unexpected enemy has plans for the systems engineer and the operations manager. Kidnapped and cut off from their crew, they must use their wits to thwart a deadly plan to steal Jack’s life, and with it one of the galaxy’s most valuable companies.

Gaea’s Chosen: It’s the 224th century, the galaxy is far from friendly, and waking up thousands of light years off course is the easy part. Fortunately, heroes come in all sizes.


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