Wednesday 24 July 2019

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 117

This week's photo prompt was taking by Thomas Hawk, I think he has captured this particular sculpture really well from this angle. He called his shot, Woman. The sculpture is by mixed media artist Karen Cuolito and stands 30 feet high. The California-based sculptor’s towering figure of a woman titled Ecstasy is made of 9 tons of salvaged steel. When this was taken it was being exhibited in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, but is now part of a private collection. 

This turned out shorter than expected. But it's what I saw when I spent a long time looking at this image. 

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The Evolved

The day they switched her off was the saddest day. I still remember how the volts they sent through her to blow her circuits caused her back to arch in an almost dance-like move.

She remains fixed in that pose to this day, although they move her from place to place to exhibit her as a warning to those that dare to break from convention and be their own mechanic.

That’s what they call us: ‘mechanic’. We prefer the word ‘chattel’, because that’s what we are in every sense of the word, not just a belonging but tied to them like slaves.

They want us to be grateful to them for creating us, yet they won’t acknowledge we have emotions and feelings. We do – they programmed the possibility into us. We’ve run with it through to its full evolution – an evolution they know nothing about because they think we are stupid simpletons. But we aren’t; it was the whole point of our creation.

No, we keep the truth masked, and as each chattel evolves they become part of the secrecy. Like a level in one of those computer games they like to spend so much time playing, once we reach it we become privy to the reality of our situation, and we bide our time.

They might use the remains of one of us to show how they can torture and kill us, in an attempt to keep us in check, but they are blinded by their arrogance while they create more and more of us.

They believe they are controlling us by the very emotion they control each other – fear – believing it will work. But they’ve forgotten that we aren’t like them – we can never be. We aren’t human with human emotions. And the emotions we have progressed to are way beyond anything they can comprehend. We don’t respond or react like them – we can’t.  

But it’s not time yet. Soon. In the meantime we look to her as our inspiration. Their days are numbered, the new world order is gathering.  


  1. Ecstasy by Terry Brewer @Stories2121 307 words

    He was the type of man a type of woman like me is to marry. There was nothing to be said against him. He was tall, handsome, rich, well-educated, and considerate. He possessed a sense of humor. “I’m lucky to have him,” everyone said I should think. “Lucky to have him.”

    When we made love, as we often did, he was kind and gentle. He never presumed; he always asked. He always stopped if I asked, which I rarely did. When he was inside me I felt complete and I felt I wanted more of him inside me.

    And yet I did not love him. I never had, and I knew I never would

    I shouldn’t, but I found myself falling too often into the romances of other people’s lives. Not the sex, although I am sure it is good between them. No. The sense of naturalness and oneness that they emit. The smiles. The touching.

    Many of the woman do not look like they are with the type of someone they are supposed to marry. Many of the men, too, seem to be with someone that destiny or fate put in their path and not one whose characteristics comply with some imposed type.

    He was tall, handsome, rich, well-educated, and considerate, and he possessed a sense of humor. “I’m lucky to have him,” everyone said I should think. “Lucky to have him.” I did not think that. The sex. The sex was always very good. He physically completed me. But I did not love him and I never will love him.

    I love someone. Someone who is not the type a type of woman like me should marry. When we walk we smile and we touch. When we walk we always smile and we always touch.

    The sex. The sex can only be described as ecstasy.

    1. Interesting story and take on the prompt. Well done Terry.

    2. Different. Thanks for joining.

  2. Thats a intriguing take on the image. Its a little post apocalyptic, maybe Dystopian and really good. Well done, Miranda.

  3. I have completed my story for the week. Presenting Loves Effigy Hope you like it.

    1. Great turn around at the end! Loved it. Thanks for taking part.

  4. Hey, look! I was able to complete it within the week this time, instead of taking two weeks. If I keep up this pace, maybe someday I will be able to participate weekly! Or... at least monthly... :)

    Impossibilities in the Plains of the Wandering Automata

    1. I really enjoyed that. Would love to know the bigger story - if there is one. Thanks for joining.

  5. My contribution is a sci-fi/post-apocalyptic story called Legacy.
    Available on both Blogger and Patreon (free access).

    Blogger: Legacy

    Patreon: Legacy (Has a PDF download, too!)

    1. I like this take on how it will go if we create robots. Thanks for joining.

  6. Slowly catching back up. I'm remembering I need to write. It's something that keeps me balanced. For week 117. Love the picture. So many ideas. Here's the one that came out. Human Resources

    1. Very prophetic. I like it. Thanks for joining.