Wednesday 17 June 2020

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 162

This week's photo is from Polish photographer Leszek Paradowski. They have some incredible art. Definitely worth checking them out. 

I've gone super short this week. This was really all I had - and saw when I got this pic. 

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He cast it again over the water in the hope that it would remain aloft this time and not sink as it had done previously, poisoning itself with contaminated water and not succeeding in its journey to be all that it could.

He tried his hardest to guide it and aid it to its full, limitless potential, but if its vibration became too low, he couldn’t stop it dipping into the water and taking on weight that would only pull it down further.

It was hard juggling these worlds. Some rose higher than others and he marvelled at their beauty but others refused to allow themselves to climb and insisted on becoming bogged down in external, mindless distractions, refusing to see the light within and sustain it.

If enough ascended they would gather and create an interconnected labyrinth of consciousness, as he had always meant them to be. He hoped this one would join it, eventually.

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