Wednesday 11 November 2020

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 174

This week's image is an unknown. It's only been shared on twitter a handful of times, but no credit has been given. 

As I am writing like mad for National Novel Writing Month, I thought I would use this prompt in that, and give a snippet of my Tricky story. 

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When Tricky rose the next day, dawn was breaking. She poked her head out of the little loft window and looked at the sky. Pink and orange reflected in the clouds that had gathered. She could still see a smidge of blue, but the darkness within the clouds was tainting the fading light purple. It seemed ominous somehow as she thought about what was ahead of her. 

She was walking back into Clancy like butter wouldn’t melt in her new golden locks. She knew if there was a chance anyone recognised her she would be done for. People didn’t mess about, not with Carter in charge. They didn’t want to risk his wrath and would go squealing to him like a slapped piglet. And then walking into his house, into the rats lair, in front of all the people she had known for the last decade and more, and be a stranger in their midst, it made her stomach flutter like she’d just seen her first lover. 

And Thatcher, what of him? Annie had warned her off. Could she resist him or was she too attached? She had to pinch his bum at least, she’d promised. 

Questions flooded her mind about what was ahead of her, but she took a deep breath and pushed them back. One at a time. Time was something she had, and could create if she so wished. She looked forward to the sanctity of her new cabin. She could do what was needed to get her Obsidian back, and maybe any other treasures that dark weasel had got his hands on. But there were things she needed to gather first and she would do that along the way. Remferry bordered Delane just by a smidge, and she had secreted something there a long time ago, almost a century. She’d wondered if she would ever need it, and now she did. If only for peace of mind. 


  1. She has an important task ahead and she looks determined. She has begun.
    Pink sky has a lot of drama.
    Here's my 100 words story-
    It Was Time

    1. Topical! Love how you encompass so much. Thanks for joining.