Wednesday 28 June 2023

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 301

This week's picture prompt is a digital creation by Ciara, or Aura, as she calls herself online, and She Freaks, She Speaks, over on Facebook. She has some wonderful digital art, and she also has a shop where she sell crystals and crystal jewellery. If you like that sort of thing there's a lot of choice. I have also used one of her pictures before - remember the stain glassed bath? That was one of  her pictures. 

A gentler story today. 

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A glass-bodied teapot, with multicoloured gemstones adorning the top half, set into filigree metalwork, and a decorative metal spout and handle with a decorated lid, toped with a clear crystal. The teapot is sitting on a stone, on a table, and crystals are scattered around it, all catching the light in rainbow colours. Created by She Speaks, She Freaks on Facebook.

Mind Magic

Adeline swirled the special glass-bodied teapot, with its multicoloured gemstone decoration round the top, letting the herbs and spices within release their properties into the hot water.

She inhaled the steam coming out of the filigree spout, and smiled, knowing it was almost ready.

She set it down on the small coffee table and laid crystals and gemstones around it, placing candles in between so the light flowed through them.

She moved into her cross-legged position and inhaled deeply. The scent was getting stronger and she knew it wouldn’t be long now.

Since Adeline had discovered this route to accessing the other side, she indulged it as often as she could. She hoped soon she would reach him.

She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. The light behind them swirled with rainbow colours, which began to move into a spiral, taking her further into herself and the cavernous rooms of the mind. Then an archway appeared in her mind’s eye and she stepped through into a meadow which swept away to a cliff edge.

She walked to the cliff edge and looked across the wide vista in front of her, where the mountains opened up to plains of lush green forests and open spaces. It was a spectacle to behold.

She called out his name hearing it echo across the land. She did this repeatedly then walked to a hill that rose off the left side of the meadow, and sat cross-legged at the top. She closed her eyes, seeing the meadow in her mind’s eye again and repeating the same actions. She did this four times. During the fourth she felt him: his energy, his mood, his aura.

Then a whisper; her name on the breeze. She called out to him again, opening her eyes and standing up, hoping to glimpse him.

  She opened her arms wide and felt an energy swirl round her. It was his energy. He was here!

She wished she could see him, but feeling him was special, being that it had been several lifetimes since she had. She hoped to be reunited in their next life – it’s why she was doing this. If she could connect to him enough times in this life, they would be able to find each other more easily in the next.

She breathed in his aura, remembering his softness, his loving nature and his heart. She felt his yearning and reciprocated it. For a few precious seconds they were entwined again. She revelled in it, not wanting it to be over, but before she knew it he had gone.

Adeline waited in case he returned. It could have been for a few seconds or it could have been hours. Eventually she accepted the moment was over and she pulled herself out of each level of meditation. Then she brought herself back into her body, and opened her eyes, staring at the elaborate teapot.

She felt sad yet at the same time elated. She missed him, but knew he was there waiting.

She treasured that moment as much as she treasured her teapot.

She touched the side of it. It had grown cold now, but, like her love for him, the hot water could be replenished; the magic was still alive.   

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  1. “Of course fairies made it, you really don’t think one of those ham fisted elves could create such delicacy do you?”
    She was right of course, as always, but I didn’t want her to have the satisfaction of being so.
    “No, I’m sure it is elfin, look at the symbols, no fairy would use that one.”
    “A rude fairy would.”
    “Not sure I have ever met a ‘rude fairy’ but I haven’t been around as long as some.”

    The tea she served from the jeweled pot was bewitched in some way, it had the colours of the jewels, unmixed, floating like clouds in the tea and the rising mist above the cups. But as Ella was willing to drink her brew I had to as well, can’t show fear. It was delicious, a hint of bergamot and an after thought of sassafras. I had never had the like before.

    “Yes, a rude fairy I’m certain, very rude but quite talented.”
    “I still think an elf did it, a passable craftsman but no master.” I was digging in deeper.
    “You are so wrong, and rude yourself. I don’t feel half as bad about things now.”
    “What do you mean?” I felt a panic rising, around Ella there was usually a reason to panic.
    “You will see for yourself soon enough, that is you will if you can find a floor length mirror.”

    I didn’t need to read the tea leaves to know my near future was not going to be pleasant.