Sunday 5 January 2014

Five Sentence Fiction - Moments

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction prompt and photo couldn't be missed, it spoke volumes, giving so much scoop, although with that photo there was only once place I was going to go.


Maddy stared down at his beautiful, sleeping face, off in dreamland, and let the tears roll down her face; she couldn’t believe that her body had created something, or someone, so incredible.

She stroked his hair and started singing ‘Sandman’ softly, trying not to choke on the line ‘make him the cutest I’ve ever seen’, and watched the smile spread across his face. He asked her to sing to him every night, and even though he was almost five years old she couldn’t not; she’d do anything to bring this little person joy and happiness.

She faltered as she wondered how her own mother could have treated her children as she did, remembering the harsh tones, followed by cruel words, and occasionally a slap whenever she had needed comfort; how could she have been so cold and un-giving?

But however haunted Maddy might be by those memories, she knew that for own children they would never be a reality; she would embrace every moment.  


  1. Such a powerful, emotive story Miranda. I love the message in the last line; that however haunted you are, you still have a choice to embrace the moment. Fab writing Chick. x

  2. You really have to wonder why some people even have children. A sad, but ultimately beautiful piece.

  3. This is another one of those stories where you can picture so much more than is described in the words. Very good!

  4. Gorgeous, really beautiful piece.