Thursday 16 January 2014

Love Struck - MWBB

Last weeks Mid-Week Blues-Buster was a difficult one for me, and although it didn't get placed, I liked the piece I wrote for it, and it stayed with my present run on horror pieces.

The prompt song this week was:
 Jose Gonzalez - Cover of 'Heartbeats' by The Knife

He inhaled deeply, still able to smell her on the pillow. It brought a warm feeling in his stomach, and yet the sadness still pulled. He touched the pillowcase, imagining its warmth. He wished he could embrace her.

He’s eyes flicked to the window and he looked out at the new day that was dawning; it would be cold and icy no matter how hard the sun shone, and he wouldn’t dare to step out into it, he had to stay here otherwise he might never find his way back. And he wanted to be here, to see her again.

As though his thought brought her, she arrived, only this time not alone. He watched her do a dance with her guest, one he was familiar with and that sad feeling came again, tugging at him. Did he really want to remain? His heart told him ‘yes’, so he waited as she worked her magic.

When the moon rose later that evening, he saw the sparkle in her eye as she dressed. He sniffed as she sprayed her perfume, wanting to remember the freshness of it, wanting to be a part of the evening with her. Although when she returned he became a part he hadn’t anticipated: a witness.

She enticed her guest to join her on the balcony so they could look out at the starlit evening, over the city which was still cooling down after the hot day. She stirred desire, kissing them and wrapping herself around them, drawing out their passion, their wanting, until she brought them back inside.

Then she handed over the reigns, letting them do the work, undressing her and moving her around as though she were a play thing, eventually leading her to the bed.

He watched them from the other side of the bed, powerless to be heard, to be seen, or try and stop it. And when she rose majestically on top, he watched her eyes as she waited for the right moment to bend down and kiss round her victim’s neck - before sinking her teeth in and ripping it out.

He watched the body go stiff under her, and an ethereal figure appear beside the bed. Then it spotted him, with questioning and hurt in its eyes. He could only mouth ‘sorry’ as he watched it fade and turn to the balcony, drifting away through the glass.

He remained where he was, refusing to leave, punishing himself for his stupidly by watching her devour her kill. 

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