Monday, 30 March 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Entrance

I am quick with this weeks Five Sentence Fiction because the photo immediately inspired me. I might have stretched a few of the sentences with punctuation, but I didn't want to cut this too short. 

Elizabeth stopped and repositioned her backpack. She could see the light from the opening up ahead, it was getting brighter all the time, but she hadn’t reached it yet, the path kept winding off in different directions, taking her on wide loops before returning back to where she had been, although a few steps further along.

Each time this happened, her doubts grew about what was on the other side, making her wonder if she really needed to reach it at all. Was it really going to be everything she hoped it would be, or would she be disappointed and let down? Would she find what she was looking for – to fit in and be part of something – or did it just appear that way because it was brighter, and only be more of the same? 

The only thing she was sure of was that she wouldn’t know until she got there, and despite all her doubts and trepidation she knew she wanted to stand in that entrance way and see what was beyond otherwise she would regret it.


  1. Well done with this. I want to know...what did she see...and was it worth it?