Thursday 26 March 2015

Visual Dare - Clarity

I missed the deadline on this one, but another compelling photo from Visual Dare meant I still have to write. Plus the edges of the story kept creeping in every time I saw the picture. 


Melissa looked down into the abyss, and clung on for dear life from the plateau she had found herself on. There wasn’t much down there, just threads of what was, all torn up and twisted. She was grateful to have survived the worst, but how was she going to get out of her present predicament?

Either backwards or forwards it was going to be a struggle. She couldn’t see far in either direction so couldn’t be sure of her options. She didn’t know which way would be quicker or more fruitful, and was scared to risk either one until she could feel more sure.

She hoped for some clarity as she clung to the relative safety of her location, hoping that it wouldn’t be long before a solution appeared through the mists. 

132 Words

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