Sunday 31 May 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Diversion

The Five Sentence Fiction photo didn't work for me, so I have used a different picture, but the word did. Enjoy.

 Berkeley Perk Cafe - Boston, MA, United States. Looking out the front window

Mindy hadn’t expected to find herself here at all; she was meant to be a successful Film Producer by now, not stuck in a crappy secretarial job, living in a shared house with people she would rather not know.

If she hadn’t let him in, let herself be wooed, given up all her plans for a life with him, she’d be on track by now, doing what she was meant to be doing not picking up the pieces after wasted years.

She shifted in her seat by the cafĂ© window; wasted was a harsh word and one she didn’t like to use, but it was how she felt. She’d given up all her dreams to share a life with him in his home town, but the minute they’d moved there he’d gone back to his old life, socialising without her, doing his own thing, leaving her alone to do hers, except for the brief moments he needed to ‘be a couple’, for work or some social gathering with his couple friends.

Well she’d given it long enough, now it was time to get things back on track and just consider it a diversion, a reminder to never to give up on her dreams again.  

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