Sunday 28 June 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Waves

One not to be resisted this week on Five Sentence Fiction, there's always plenty to imagine with waves, particularly the water kind.


Chrissie sat her board at the edge of the water, and watched the waves roll in one after the other, some high, some low, each reaching their zenith and breaking; the ripple effect running the length of the wave until it crashed into the water below.

The rhythm was hypnotic; she was used to watching for sets, to see where the pattern stopped and started again, giving her the chance to run in and get past the break point so she could bob about on the swells and choose when to engage and ride one into shore. But this evening it lulled her, rocking away her upset and worries, more than the actual surfing had managed to do today.

She might not be able to change things in her life right now, and she might feel stuck, but soon an opportunity would come around, and she just had to keep her eyes peeled for it. And then, just like with the waves, she had to make sure she was ready for the big break, so she could ride it all the way. 


1 comment :

  1. I understand Chrissie's feelings completely. I've watched the waves and waited for the pattern to get out past the breakers many times. Good story!

    I didn't have the time to get a FSF post this week. Too much going on. Maybe I'll catch the next one.