Thursday 11 June 2015

Visual Dare - Balance

This weeks Visual Dare threw up an interesting photo, and combined with the word balance, made me think more of a juggle. This is what surfaced.


Sophie stumbled her way into the station with all her bags and saw the melee in front of her. Damn, it was rush hour, how was she going to get through all that lot unnoticed?

She juggled the suitcases round until they were more comfortable and set off, pushing her way through, mumbling apologies as she went, not daring to look anyone in the eye. She hoped no one would offer assistance, they might ask what she was carrying and she wouldn’t want that.

Fortunately she reached the platform uninterrupted and set the bags down. Glancing at the clock, she had ten minutes to decide whether to leave the cases in the luggage rack. She didn’t fancy standing all the way. Then she caught someone glance at one of cases and saw blood seeping through. Damn, it looked she had no choice if he wasn’t going to remain hidden.

149 Words

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