Sunday 20 March 2016

Visual Dare - Browsing

A 'must write for' photo prompt from Visual Dare this week, prompted an interesting tale.


Victor opened the closet and looked at the specimens to see which one might work this time round. He had hoped for a higher success rate but they weren’t taking to the skin grafts as well as he had hoped; the blood made it slippery and less adhesive, and waiting until after ignition was proving to be too late – hence his return for a new specimen.

Victor thought about his approach: maybe he shouldn’t strip them down for storage; maybe he should consider getting a cold room and leaving them intact. It would mean missing the income from the black market organs, and risk them being identifiable.

He had spent years refining his modus operandi. Jack the Ripper was running circles round the police, who had no idea what they were doing. He needed to maintain the deflection just a little bit longer, until he could get this right. 

149 Words