Sunday 28 April 2013

Visual Dare 17 - A Cat's World

It's been a while since I have managed a Visual Dare, but being a cat lover this one spoke to me straight away and I just had to write. 
Hope you like it. 

Everyday they watched him come; they considered him fearless. He would cycle round making a sound with his lips; a sound they were strangely drawn to.

They would watch him unload the flowers and set them out among the stones, selecting a different area each time to make sure each was adorned.

They would sniff the air and smell the mix of sweet scent and decay, wondering why he did this.

He made that sound all the time he was preening the flowers, and they couldn’t resist it. It called to them and they came from every cornerstone, and furthest reach of the fence. They gathered as never before, bemused by the fearless one and his work.

They sniffed and rubbed each other, with quivering tails and whiskers, reacquainting themselves with family long unseen. Then they turned and sat together, watching and waiting, wondering when their time would come

149 Words

Five Sentence Fiction - Shadows

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Lillie McFerrin's Weekly Flash Fiction Prompt - 'Shadows'
  And this is where it took me:
As Lindsay walked across the bridge to work she saw him walking towards her in the opposite direction and immediately looked to see if it would happened again; if it did, this would be the fourth morning in a row, and although on the previous three she’d managed to convince herself that it must be a trick of the light - was it?

The sun was cutting across the bridge and her head was down looking in the direction the shadows would fall, waiting for his to appear as they crossed paths.

She spotted it straight away due to how prominent the horns were, and she glanced up at him to make sure they weren’t really there in the flesh, just as she had done every other morning that week.

But this time their eyes met and he smiled at her, forcing her to give a fleeting smile back before returning her gaze back to his shadow.

She was so lost in wondering how it was possible, she didn’t notice that the shadow was no longer moving away from hers, until a hand slipped round her waist and a low guttural voice whispered in her ear, “If you like them that much, we could find a way to get you a pair too.”

Thursday 25 April 2013

Spats - MWBB

Mid Week Blues Buster, is a weekly Flash Fiction challenge hosted by Jeff Tsuruoka, with a bit of a difference as it offers a sound prompt, rather than photos or words. It also has a slightly longer deadline than most, starting Tuesday and finished end of the day Thursday.

I really enjoyed my first attempt, which won me an Honourable Mention, so I was keen to try again, and I enjoyed it so much I thought I would post my entry here. I also found an image that reflected what I had in my head.


Katy was mesmerised by his spats. The speed they flew at as he danced making the black and white merge into one. Her eyes then moved up his legs to his body, taking in the bright yellow striped zoot suit he wore, and finished on his fixed grin. One hand remained on his Trilby the whole time the song played. She’d never seen anything like it.

She looked over at her dad who was nodding along to the beat on the other side of the small stage-side table, and pick up her sarsaparilla drink. She sipped it as she looked round at the other patrons in the small club.

It wasn’t often she got to spend time with her dad, and then, much like now, it was just as a hanger-on, while he was ‘doing business’ at one of his clubs. She knew he’d have rather left her at home with a sitter, but tonight there hadn’t been anyone. So she got to wear the blue frilly dress that her aunty had bought her last birthday, and sit here with the adults.

When the song stopped, her father beckoned the dancing man over. Then he whispered something in the man’s ear and the man turned giving the same fixed grin he danced with, and introduced himself. Then her dad told her he’d be back in a minute and the man sat down next to her as another band started to play.

He was pleasant at first, chit chatting and asking her how she liked the show, and how often she came here with her ‘pop’ as he referred to him. But then he starting asking her odd things, about her age and whether she had a boyfriend, and what sort of things she got up to. She didn’t really like it, but tried her best to be polite. Then he put his hand on her leg and she didn’t like that at all.

Katy looked around for her dad, and spotted him standing at the back of the room talking to a man who looked angry. Her dad’s face was side on to her and she could see he wasn’t happy either. She hoped he might glance her way, but he didn’t and the man in the funny suit was starting to slide his hand up her leg. He even leaned over and started whispering things that scared her a little about what he wanted to do to her, she didn’t understand them all.

She could feel her heart pounding, and focused on the sarsaparilla in her hand instead, drinking it dry, and not stopping at the slurpy noises. And then he licked her ear. She jerked her head away, resisting the urge to scream, and he grasped her face to try and hold it in place, his hand now hurting on her leg as he gripped it hard. She resisted as much as she could, trying to pretend nothing was wrong and that this wasn’t happening; focusing on the performers on the stage, but she could feel his breath in her ear and his fingers at the top of her leg, rubbing places she didn’t think he should.

Then her dad was there, grabbing the man by the tie, pulling him out of his seat and punching him hard in the face. The band faltered and the music died, and everyone heard him call the man all sorts of words she didn’t know the meaning of. The two big doorman came up and took him away. Her dad knelt down in front of her, tears shining in his eyes, and he said the words she had always wanted to hear, “I’m never going to leave you alone again sweetheart, I promise.”

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Jennifer Gracen - #DFQWBS Entry

Can’t Wait Another Minute
Jennifer Gracen

Jennifer Gracen

Soft, golden sunlight awakened him, splashing gently across his face. He opened his eyes and turned his head. Inches away, she lay sleeping, serene and so beautiful among the tangled white sheets. Her long, honey blonde hair was strewn around her face and shoulders, and he reached out to brush it back so he could stare at her without impediment. Her deep, soft breaths were like music to him. He was that much in love with her. Helplessly, completely in love with her.

His fingertips danced along the side of her face, stroking her skin with adoration. The night before had been a passionate romp, the kind of fun hotel sex he used to dream about. He didn’t have to dream anymore, not since he’d found her. He’d found The One. Of that he was certain.

So he’d whisked her away to this little bed and breakfast, nestled in the mountains, with a plan. The ring was burning a hole in the hidden pocket of his suitcase; he was sure he could actually feel heat coming from it if he concentrated. Later that day, they’d take a long, romantic walk along the hiking path he’d read about, and somewhere stunningly gorgeous — he’d know it when he saw it — he’d present her with the diamond ring and ask her to marry him.

He’d been planning it for weeks.

But now, as he watched her sleep, a wave of love and affection washed over him. It crashed over him like a tidal wave, battered him, and almost choked him with its power. God, he loved her. She was everything he’d ever looked for in a woman. In a friend. In a partner. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her… and suddenly, his careful plan went up in smoke. He couldn’t wait another minute. Not even another second.

“Hey,” he whispered. He trailed his fingers down her naked back, like feathers along her spine, then up again. Pushing her lustrous hair back from her face once more, he leaned over to kiss her cheek. “Wake up, sweetheart.”

“Why?” she mumbled, half asleep.

“I need to ask you something,” he said.

She stirred slightly, snuggled closer into his side, and let out a tiny moan of protest. “Can it wait?”

He put his arms around her and caressed her smooth skin. “No,” he said.

Something in his voice must have gripped her, even through the filmy veil of sleep. Her eyes fluttered open and she leaned up on one elbow to look at him. “Are you okay?”

“More than okay. I’m fantastic.” He kissed her lips tenderly, lingering, savoring the moment. “I love you so much, you know that? More than I ever thought possible.”

She smiled. “I love you that much too.”

He took a deep breath, played with her hair, and stared deeply into her eyes. Those dark brown eyes he adored. The eyes he wanted to wake up to every morning. “Marry me.”

Her breath caught in her throat and her body stilled. “What?” she stammered.

He kissed her again, brushed her hair back from her face, and repeated softly, “Marry me.” He looked into her eyes and saw her shock, but the words came pouring out. “I want to wake up with you like this every day for the rest of my life. I love you more than I can put into words… you’re everything to me. I’ve never been as happy in my whole life as I’ve been with you for the past year. You’re the best person I know, the one I like more than anyone, the one I want to spend time with and talk to more than anyone. And you’re so damn beautiful.” He cradled her face in both hands. “You have my heart. I want to spend my life with you, every day for all of our days. Marry me.”

Her eyes, round with astonishment, welled with tears. She drew a shaky breath. “Oh, my God… I… wow.”

He didn’t move, just kept gazing at her.

“I want to remember every word you said,” she whispered, her eyes shining. “That was the most beautiful… I just… wow.”

“So… is that a yes?” he asked tentatively.

“Oh! Yes! YES!” she cried, laughing at how her shock had short circuited her brain. “Of course it’s yes. I’d love to marry you. I love you so much. So, so much.”

They kissed over and over as the room flooded with golden sunlight, holding each other close and laughing with joy in between kisses.

Thursday 18 April 2013

The other DFQWBS piece - Broken Dreams

I was undecided between entries for The Dark Fairy Queen's Writerly Bridal Shower, and ended up deciding to go with a more fantasy and fairy theme.

But I have been asked to share the other one too, and thought, why the hell not! So here you are:

Broken Dreams
Lizzy could still see Steve trying to get through the door of the hotel suite with it in his arms, as she lay flat out on the honeymoon bed watching him, engulfed in the volumes of silk, netting and taffeta provided by her wedding dress. She had laughed as he’d heaved the box over to the bed and dumped it next to her, enjoying the light spinning of her alcohol induced haze.

“What is it?”

“You have to open it to find out.”


“Of course now!”

“What have you bought me, Steve?” She struggled to sit up and clutched at the box to steady herself. It had flowers all over it and a big bow on the top. She pulled at the bow, making a mess of it, and had to waste time unpicking it to finally release the box. The lid popped up and pink foam packing chips fell out everywhere. She dug them out and rummaged around; trying to find what was inside.

Steve had plonked down on the bed next to her, laughing as she scrambled.

“I thought it was heavy the way you were carrying it.”

“Gotta keep you guessing now, haven’t I?”

She finally came across a small box in the midst of it all and dug it out carefully. It was wrapped in silver paper, and sealed with a red heart-shaped sticker. She glanced at Steve and he just grinned giving her his winning smile.

Lizzy carefully opened the present taking her time. Inside she found a beautiful white gold locket, on a long, fine chain. She opened it up, but it was blank inside.

“Turn it over.”

On the back it had been inscribed. ‘To Lizzy, Queen of my heart. Steve.’

She couldn’t help her eyes welling up, and she laughed lightly with embarrassment as she wiped away the tears. He lent over and gave her a tender kiss.

“I left it blank. I thought you might want to put photos of our children in there instead.”

She gasped and looked at him wide-eyed. They had never really spoken about children. She knew he wanted them, but he’d never really been drawn out on the subject; she knew that an ex had miscarried his child and it had upset him, so she had never pushed the subject.

She touched his face, running her fingers down his cheek to his lips, letting her tears flow freely. She kissed him then with what felt like her entire soul, and that night had been the most emotional night of their lives as they continually reaffirmed their love and desire for each other all night long.


She stood there in the dark remembering it, even recalling the smell of him that night; his musky body scent mixed with her favourite after shave.

She dropped the knife and the tip of it stuck in the floorboard with a low thud.
After all the screaming that had taken place earlier, the silence was deafening. She looked at them, the expressions of horror frozen on their faces forever. She had no emotion about it, she was numb.

She might have failed to provide them with a family, but he had failed to let his wandering eye get the better of him.

He had promised to remain faithful to her for all eternity, not until she was of no use to him anymore. He had promised to stand by her side through thick and thin, for better or worse, not jump beds when the going got tough.

Unfortunately for him though they had jumped into the wrong bed tonight.

As the sirens got louder and the blue lights started to flash across the room, highlighting the adulterous couples death throws, Lizzy started to hum a tune. And as they snapped the handcuffs on her, they asked her carefully what it was, and she replied, “It’s the song from our wedding. It was our anniversary today.”

Monday 15 April 2013

My #DFQWBS entry

I thought I had better be quick smart with my entry for the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower, being a host, and there just being one week to go! (Entry closes 22nd of April).

I was torn between two entries I had written, but this one felt more fitting to the theme, and more suiting to the bride to be.

I wish Anna & Michael all the happiness and joy in the world, and my only words of advice are 'keep communicating in good times and bad.'

Beauty in the Beast
By Miranda Kate

eBook: Yes

Larissa kept her wrists moving as they dragged her deeper into the woods, trying to loosen the ropes that bound them, but they were thick and strong and not giving her a chance at all.
All the creatures were coming out, keen to see what was happening, what the outcome would be; it wasn’t every day they saw a fine maiden, rumoured to have magical qualities, dragged through the woods by the dark one’s underlings.

But there was something else going on, she could sense it; her peripheral vision kept catching glimpses of creatures rushing around carrying things. It made her nervous.

Then they arrived at the clearing by the brook; the one she remembered being so musical when the dappled sunshine sprinkled on it in daytime. Now it was brooding, as though holding dark secrets in its depth. The trees surrounding it were lit with night shades of red and purple, lending an expectant tone as though celebrations were planned.

They brought her to a halt by an old oak tree, and snarled ‘wait here’ at her, as they shuffled away into the underbrush. Other creatures appeared and she couldn’t work out what they were setting up, as strange objects were brought out and some cloth was laid on the ground.

Then the thuds began and she felt panic begin to rise. They shuddered through the ground and signaled the steps of something large. All the creatures seemed to increase their pace with each one, not wanting to delay the impending event, or be caught in sight of whatever was making the sound.

Larissa started working at the ropes again, her mind searching for a way out of this; an exit route or a form of distraction, but then the thuds were behind the tree and she was riveted to the spot, eyes wide at anticipation of what would reveal itself. And she was not disappointed.

He stood at least seven foot tall, his shoulders filling the clearing, and the twisted black horns that sat proud and polished on his head, twinkled a little in the dark light. She could feel her jaw drop and her hands relax as she was powerless to stop her eyes meet his. But what she never imagined were the emotions that came when they did.

Blood rushed through her and butterflies took flight in her stomach. There was something magnetic about him, something appealing; from his broad naked chest defining every inch of his masculinity, to the soft gentle depth of his violet blue eyes that looked deep within her soul. Larissa was mesmerised.

She felt creatures ushering round her and her hands were set free, but thoughts of escape were long gone, in fact she now wanted to touch him – even ‘needed’ to touch him. And she did so. She tentatively reached out a hand and he took it, engulfing it in his own. She stepped forward, moving as close to him as she could without actually touching him. Her eyes never left his.

Now she felt her clothes being tugged at and something being wrapped round her. Her gaze broke for a second as she glanced down and saw the flow of black material that had been pulled tightly round her torso, defining her lines. She liked it, it made her feel desirable, wanton, and when her eyes rejoined his, she felt less meek.

An underling shuffled forward with a human in a strange brown dress. The human looked terrified, but opened the little book he had in his hands and started speaking rapidly. Larissa wasn’t listening; she was still looking into the beast’s eyes wondering if he had a name.

Their hands were brought together and something was slipped on to her finger. She did register that it meant she was married to him, now and for eternity, but she was okay with that, in fact over the moon with it, as now it meant he would touch her even more and she couldn’t wait - and it seemed neither could he.

The use for the cloth on the ground became apparent and while they consummated their nuptials in front of the entire forest, she could only think about one thing; she wanted to do this for the rest of her life.

Saturday 13 April 2013

Kevin Hammond - #DFQWBS Entry

The Dark Fairy Queen
Kevin Hammond

Pretty little sunlit spears of happiness and joy poked through those thick boughs overhead. Good Prince Michael and Saucy Princess Carline stood but ten feet apart in the Everlasting forest. At their backs were the two trees symbolizing forever. Their branches reached but not quite touching and each had a heart carved at the base of the trunk; from long ago when lovers met.

“As my wedding gift to you I shall buy a boat.”

Carline blushed

“A huge boat,” Michael enthused.

“It’s not the size of the boat that matters, my love, it’s the motion of the ocean.”

Michael blushed.

“But I have a favor I must ask of you before you can propose.” Michael stood tall and proud, ready to slay dragons and order pizza- whatever she asked for. “I need you to rescue my sister from the castle of dark fairy doom.”

“It shall be done!” He cried and drew his sword. Michel dashed off through the forest toward that distant place where the darkness dwelled.

Long through the night Michael wandered the gloomy woods with naught but his sword and his will to marry the hot chick who was most virtuous and supposedly knew the thirty ways to cook great bacon.

In the grey hours of morning he came to the edge of the woods to happen upon a castle, dark as night, foreboding as, well, a big creepy looking place in a bad hood. Michael was not deterred for he knew love most strong. Pressing on to the front gate he drew his sword and called to the keeper of the castle to come forth and open the gates.

No one came and the sign on the door read ‘if you aint got a key you aint getting in’.  Michael would not be stopped. He kicked the door in. It was old and rusty and he did so love giving an old door a good kick. Inside the place was grimy and cool; it was unkempt and spoke of the rising cost of household cleaners these days.

On the greatest stair of 1000 spiral steps he labored long and hard until he came to the top and he knocked upon the unfortunate maiden’s chamber door. He would be summoned by a graceful, demure voice who would offer him her virtue, but he would not have it for his word was good and his love was true.

No one answered- he went in anyway. And she stood elegant and full of grace in the center of the room. 

“S’up homeslice,” she said.

And he was confused by her dark, but oddball manner. She knew he was confused and she offered him a dark and sinister laugh’ Mooghoohahaha. With a wave of her hand she ninja’d him with a blinding haze of dark fairy powder and he was, like, totally owned.

In the early hours of the following morning, Carline waited for her beloved. She had with her a token of her love; a small wooden box containing a feather and some bounty- t’was truly the stronger soaker upper. Her virtue would remain so it didn’t count, obviously. And she heard his footsteps draw close. Carline turned, happy to see her one true love return. But he was not there. In his place was a dark fairy mistress of the night, she was tall and foreboding, powerful and pretty.

“S’up sis, what you doing?” The Goth fairy asked.

“Not much, just chillin- et toi?” She asked in perfectly saucy French.

“Just waiting for your man to show.” The Goth said, all creepy and ominous.

“Umm. Where would he be?”

The Goth chick wanted her to ask that. “He’s Be-hind you!”

And Saucy Princess Carline awoke within the grimy walls of the lonely castle to read a dark and sinister note from her Gothic fairy queen Anna- “thanks for the man, biyotch.”
So all the best to the happy couple- let their lives be nothing like this story.
eBook - Yes


Wednesday 3 April 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Flame

Lillie McFerrin Writes
Lillie McFerrin's Weekly Flash Fiction Prompt - 'Flame'
 And this is where it took me:

They ran at full tilt down the hill, hearing the flames crackling at their heels as the fire followed fast, blown along by the hot wind.

Johnny shouted across to his companion, “Shit Carter, what the hell did you do?”

“You told me to set fire to him man!”

“Not with that much kindling, the whole bloody forest has gone up!”

“Well at least when they find his body they won’t suspect us, well as long as our bodies aren’t next to it!” Carter replied, with a hysterical laugh.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Visual Dare 13 - Atmospheric

Squeezing in my Visual Dare 13 piece before the deadline because the photo prompt was too good to miss! And this is where it took me. Enjoy!

They sat on the bridge and contemplated the view. They knew that it wasn’t long before they would have to negotiate their way through like the hundreds before them.

Jaden looked at Paulie and said, “Have you considered what it will take?”

“Yeah, I have,” Paulie responded, “and I’m not sure I’ve got it.”

“Me neither.” Jaden said in a small voice.

Silence filled their dread and uncertainty as they dangled their feet over the obscured abyss. No one had ever seen the bottom, although many might have felt it, with the mist a permanent cover.

“Why do we have to? Why can’t we choose to stay here where there is guaranteed safety?” Jaden threw a tiny stone into the void to express his annoyance.

Paulie shook his head. “I don’t know, but there’s no point in asking, you know that, it’s the law.”

They resumed their contemplations in silence.

150 Words