Wednesday 27 November 2019

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 135

This week's photo took me a while to track down, but this is of Sarah Chambers, and she took it herself. She does make up and design, and is stunning - as you can see. You can find her on Insta (click the link on her name) and she has a page on FB. I just love this shot, so many potential stories. 

I'm still exploring Tricky, she really wants her tale to be told - or tales, as I think there will be multiple. This is her in her younger years. Yes, quite a stunner.

So far she has appeared in Week 132, Week 126 and I collected others in Week 122, making this one her 6th story!! (collating them here more for me, than for you, dear reader)

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Shot of a photo with purple make-up with special designs
Sarah Chambers - @sarahc_29

Tricky watched his eyes flutter open and widen. A small gasp escaped his lips and she recognised that expression, she’d seen it many times. Sigh, another one. They were so easy to enamour.

She’d inherited her birth mother’s striking Western eyes, and her step mother’s artistic flare for the dramatic in design and make-up. She knew how to get what she wanted. But she didn’t have time for all the flirting, she needed information fast.

She knew it had passed through this boy’s hands, she’s seen it; The Many had shown her and they only told the truth. But what they hadn’t shown her was where it was now, and she had to find out. She had to get her hands on it before the Baron did; if he got hold of this all her plans would have been for nothing.

“That’s it, lovey, open your eyes and look deep into mine. What see you?” She drew the energy up, feeling it course through her body into her eyes and pouring into his. His aura began to expand around him starting with a faint rose glow, and growing into an intense red. He was a sprit one, this one, and link to what was going on around him, although not enough to keep him out of her clutches. She watched as the story unfolded in the wisps that enveloped the boy.

She saw him on the job, standing to attention, doing as he was bid by his master, a bulging, swollen, squat little man who liked to bellow in the faces of his charges. This one took no mind, he kept his eyes straight. When the carriage arrived bearing her desired item, he’d jumped forward and presented himself to the dispatcher, relieving him of his burden. It had been a plain wood box, nothing fancy.

“What did you see, lovey, tell me in your pretty words, what was in the box?”

The boy’s eyes were no longer on hers, they were looking past into what had been.

“It felt heavy yet light, it felt warm yet cold. I wanted it.” He paused, relishing his desire. “It felt warm and when the Mayster opened it, it lit up his face. But he wouldn’t let me look, I was shooed out.” His face dropped. “I felt sad after, empty.”

“Was it for the Mayster then, lovey? Does he still have possession of it?”

The boy’s eyes had returned to her face, and he lifted a finger to trace the designs drawn on it. “It was meant for higher up. But I didn’t see it leave.”

“Good, my pretty young thing. That’s good.” It was. It meant she was still in with a chance. The boy’s hand moved down her face and onto her neck. He lifted his head and kissed it. She rather liked that. Maybe she wasn’t in a hurry to lose the boy; maybe he could be of some use first. Afterall, it never hurt to take pleasure in your work.

She lay down gently next to him, letting him take the lead. A good service would give her time to plan. And she might want to travel back with him and find out if it was still in the Mayster’s possession. He’d be able to take her to his rooms. In fact, he might be of more use than she first thought. She moved clothing out of the way as his lips trailed a line of kisses down her torso. She chuckled to herself. Yes, this youngun might be of service in multiple ways.


  1. Another great outing for Tricky. Boy is she sassy and controlling in this one. Tricky can bend the will of a man like a pretzel, hey. I like this one. Well done, Miranda.

    1. You made me laugh out loud with that comment! I might have to use that as a tagline for her series! LOL

    2. Thought you'd like that, Holly said something similar once.

  2. I went darker with this one, I even did it in First Person for only the second time in my writing career. Presenting Vasilica Hope you like it!