Wednesday 3 March 2021

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 189

This week's picture is by Jimmy Lawlor, an Irish surreal artist, who has some incredible work. He calls this Stepping Stones. I'd recommend a look through his site.

I do love surreal work. And this one, I just want to know her story. So what do you think her story is? 

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Running the Runes

Oh god, oh god, I’m going to be in so much trouble, Lucy thought as she kept on running.

She thought the term ‘running the runes’ was just an expression they used when referring to someone taking up reading them. No one had mentioned that you literally had to run them, while they were elevated in the air, and that once you began you had to keep going to the end because ... well, she didn’t know why, she assumed until she fell. And Timmy dog, had gone and followed her, the duffus, and now he was trying to keep up too. Lucy hoped he didn’t fall; she couldn’t stand to lose her dog doing something so foolish.

Were they getting higher? She was sure they were, and the circle was widening. Oh no! Mum was going to kill her, and it was all that Leon’s fault; him and his bloody dares! She should have known better. She was surprised he wasn’t down there laughing up at her – although he wasn’t stupid enough to stick around. When the elders found out she’d be in for it!

No one under the age of sixteen was meant to touch them, they were sacred and weren’t to be messed with. But Lucy was still trying to work out why they had risen in the first place. She’d only climbed up on one of them for a dare.

She could see adults gathering under her now, and someone with a staff. Oh this was bad! It was the auspicious McGaffrey, the eldest of the elders. He was waving it about. Was he trying to shout at her to come down, or was he chanting? She couldn’t hear this high up and not at the speed she was running to keep up with the stones. But focusing under them to the people on the ground was the trick to not feeling sick. Timmy was doing the same; she could see him out the corner of her eye. Oh please make this stop elder McGaffrey, and I promise I will never go near them again, Lucy thought.

Were they lowering? Lucy thought so. Oh good, it meant this would be over soon. Thank goodness. They were slowing down too. Lucy could see the tops of heads directly below. Then the stones stopped spinning and she stood still on one of them. Timmy whimpered on the one behind. ‘It’ll be okay, Timmy, we’re almost there.’ The stone landed with a gentle rocking motion.

Lucy bowed her head in shame and respect as the elder approached. Lucy could also see her mother out of her peripheral vision, wringing her hands. Man, she was going to be in trouble!

‘Lucy Gwedaveen?’

‘Yes, Elder McGaffrey.’ Lucy glanced up for a millisecond, anticipating an angry stern face, but she caught a look of bewilderment instead.

‘How did you get them to elevate? What did you say?’ His tone was one of amazement.

Lucy brought her eyes up again and saw the wonder in his face. She was confused.

‘I didn’t say anything, Elder McGaffrey, they just lifted up. Don’t they always do that?’

‘No, Lucy, no one has ever seen them do that – not even me!’

Lucy felt her eyes widen and her mouth drop open. ‘Oh!’ She didn’t know what else to say. The other adults all approached and stood round her in a circle.

‘It seems, Lucy, that you have a gift. The runes respond to you in a way they have for no other. We must explore this gift together. You must come and reside by the elders.’

Lucy felt her face flush. Live with the elders? She wasn’t even twelve yet, let alone sixteen when those that felt the need to learn the teachings were allowed to apply.

‘But ... but I’m too young.’

‘Clearly the runes don’t think so. Come child, we shall make preparations.’ He beckoned her mother, who rushed to her side and put her arm round her. ‘Take her home and get her cleaned up. At evensong we shall discuss this further.’

Lucy’s mother rubbed her arm. ‘Come on, Lucy, let’s get you ready.’ Her mother was excited, not angry. ‘A whole new world is about to open up to you.’

You’re not kidding, thought Lucy, one of rune stones. She wondered how many times she would have to run on them, and what that running would achieve. She supposed she’d find out soon enough.

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