Wednesday 10 March 2021

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 190

This week's photo prompt is from a UK Wedding dress website, with no details who took this picture was taken or the product name/designer. 

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Dream Dress

Story touched one of the material leaves on the waist line of the multicoloured, strapless dress. It was soft and made of the finest silk. She had butterflies in her stomach at the thought that she would be the one to wear it. It was the first step to becoming. She couldn’t wait!

Up until now she hadn’t worn any dresses. They didn’t allow gender defining clothes on ones so young, not until they knew. And now she had shown signs, she could finally indulge her pleasure in public and not just in the privacy of her own room. Not that she had been able to properly in her room either; she couldn’t make a dress, and wrapping a bit of a material round you wasn’t the same. This was a real dress, made especially for her, to fit her. She was excited.

The party was to take place on Midsummer’s Night, along with a hundred others who would be revealing their identity – or non-identity as the case may be. It was a coming of age event that all thirteen year olds looked forward to, although there might be a few absentees from her year who were still unclear on how they wanted the world to see them.

But she was sure and had been for as long as she could remember, never a doubt in her mind. She was lucky. Many struggled. Her own brother had taken until he was seventeen before he decided he was going to be her brother.

She came from a long line of people who chose identities, but her father had a sibling who refused to consider an identity or a non-identity. They felt it was too defined. Story had admired Ash’s bohemian way of life and indeterminate way of being. She specifically liked their affinity with trees. It was partly what had inspired her choice of dress. She imagined a flower fairy dancing in it under the stars. It was a dress of dreams and magic.

Story had considered that it might have been nice to be a fairy, but decided a life of pretending to be something she was not would be too hard. Some people did choose to be something other than their species, and were embraced as such, but it made her feel uncomfortable, which was the tell-tale sign that it wasn’t her true identity.

No, Story would be a she for the rest of her days and that made her happy, which was, after all, the entire point of existence.

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