About Me

I write dark stuff, sci-fi stuff, paranormal stuff, psychological stuff and a mixture of all four.
If you like a story that leaves a trail in your head, then my writing's for you.
I'll make you care about people you don't even like.

I wanted to be a film director. I could see it clearly in my mind throughout my teenage years. Then I went to college to study Theatre and realised it wasn’t going to be quite that easy, so I turned to directing words on a page instead.
And it works - most days.

 Under the author name Miranda Kate, I have been featured in several Flash Fiction anthologies, and write sci-fi fantasy, horror and dark paranormal fantasy.

Under the author name M K Boers I write dark psychological thrillers. 

I tend not to write within genre boundaries, which makes seeking representation difficult, and why I have chosen to become an independent self-published author. If you wish to support indie authors, buy their books and leave a review. It's the best way. 

I originate from Surrey, in the south of England, but spent my teens moving round the country and travelling to other countries. Since 2002 I have lived in the Netherlands. 

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