Thursday 7 February 2013

Visual Dare 6 - Emerge

Having missed out on number 5 due to traveling, I was determined to write something for the Visual Dare 6, so here it is.

The Room

Belinda poked the wall with her finger and it wobbled.

She glanced over her shoulder to check if anyone else had seen it, then felt foolish. She knew she was alone in the house and had been for days.

Then she pressed her hand against the wall pushing it until it broke through and disappeared entirely. She paused, finding the sensation interesting, before putting her whole arm in. She wriggled her fingers on the other side and felt no resistance, so she took a deep breath and pushed her face against it, feeling the tight pressure of the surface tension on her cheeks before it broke.

Once she felt air on the other side she opened her eyes. The room was a mirror image, only on this side there were lots of people and they were all looking at her. As she emerged they suddenly rushed forward screaming, ‘No!’ 

149 Words


  1. Oooh, I wonder what terrified them? I loved your description of her face going through the void Miranda!

  2. Loved this idea, who wouldn't head through to the unknown given a chance, great imagery :)

  3. love the fact she checks to see if anyone is watching even though she knows she's alone - sort of thing I would do!
    Always wondered what's on the other side of the mirror... just checking out a few other stories before I post my own!

  4. The first line was spectacular.

  5. Great work! I love Belinda's childlike curiosity, and the fact that the others are terrified of her, not the other way around. Makes me wonder if the people are somehow not quite human....or perhaps, if Belinda is not all that she seems. Also, her being alone in the house for so long seems rather sinister in and of itself. Great suspense!!

    1. Interesting I have never read it like that - or looked it like that - them rushing forward screaming no, in my head, meant that it was a bad idea her coming through. And the alone in the house - where had everyone gone? They were on the other side....but could they get back? Always interesting to see how it reads.