Tuesday 14 May 2013

Visual Dare 19 - Mirror

My first Visual Dare this month, and I am only just getting it in before the deadline having been distracted with other things. But I loved this photo prompt, so had to write for it. Here's what I came up with.


If he looked close enough he’d see her.

He shifted the mirror up onto his foot; the tide was on its way in and he didn’t want to get it wet. If he just turned it a fraction more she’d appear, he was convinced of it. But there was nothing but empty beach.

She’d promised too; she’d said she’d always be there he simply had to look in the right light and in the right place.

She loved the hills by the ocean. It was where they’d first met. He’d been out camping. He’d almost cut himself when she’d popped up in his shaving mirror. But it had been worth it, she’d made sure of that.

He’d taken to carrying a pocket mirror after that, any chance to see her. But today he wanted to see her in full, he didn’t care if he looked stupid lugging this thing about.

150 words

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  1. O my. I love this. It absolutely sounds like a wonderful fairy tale waiting to happen. Might not be wonderful for the guy lugging around the mirror -- but it does have that dark fairy note to it that I just love. Would love to know what happens next!