Wednesday 10 December 2014

HorrorBites - Stowaway

The new Horror Bites photo sparked a whole other type of horror in my head, one I hate to write about, but it's there, staring at me, demanding to be written. So here it is. Hope it doesn't give you nightmares.


Jason had to find daddy, then everything would be alright. Mummy had said he had flown far, far away, up into the clouds, so that meant he must have gone by plane. Jason knew where the airport was and he knew which bus went there. He was seven years old and big enough to ride the bus by himself. He counted out all the money from his money box for the trip.

The airport was a bit different. There were so many people, and so many desks. He wasn’t sure which plane to take, but there couldn’t be that many could there? He remembered his mummy mentioning his grandma Lewis lived in Dakota. They’d looked it up on the big map in his room. Maybe daddy had gone to visit his mummy, so he’d head there.

He followed the signs and seemed to have no trouble with the police at the special x-ray machines. The little girl in front of him with the big family had helped him with his bag, while another little girl had held his hand in the queue to get on the plane, when he’d been a little scared. There were lots of seats to choose from, so he picked one with a window.

When the plane took off he found it exhilarating, but his fun was killed when a man sat down next to him. He didn’t like the way he smelled. He had too much aftershave on and it turned Jason’s stomach. And the man kept talking to him, asking him about the things he liked. He thought about asking the pretty blonde air stewardess to tell him to go away, especially when the man put his hand on his knee, but he was worried he might get found out and sent home. He so wanted to see his daddy.

But after Jason told the man this, he got really scared. The man had squeezed Jason’s leg even harder and said, “Why don’t I be your daddy for a while then?” The way he had said it had made Jason want to pee.

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