Friday, 2 January 2015

HorrorBites - Knife versus Scissors

The festive Horror Bites went up a week or so ago, but with a sick family over the Christmas period I didn't get a chance to write - even though I provided the photo. So to start the New Year here it is. A nice bit of blood and gore to bring the New Year ushering in.

She told him to leave her alone when she was untangling the lights, but he wouldn’t listen. She’d put them up on the tree enough times to know how it was done, but he liked to think he knew better. She bit her tongue and went with it, because she wanted to get the decorations up and relax, but all the way through he kept irritating her.

She watched him hang the paperchains up at the window, at least he was good at that; he had the height for it. But when he stood back to admire them, she could feel her rage building again.

Then at the dining table he started wrapping up the presents. He used a knife, claiming it was easier than scissors, but she knew he just liked being a smartass and wanting to look cool, wrapping his all nice and tight, while hers were baggy and unprofessional.

Then he did it; he finally pushed that one last button, commenting how he could do it all himself, he didn’t really need her - well those might not have been his exact words, but it was what he meant.

Sophie grabbed the scissors and stabbed them through his hand. She didn’t give him too long to recover from the shock of her actions before pulling them out and going for his chest. She was surprised how easy it was. Although this time they were harder to get out. And when she yanked them, they flew out of her bloody hands into the tree. She glanced over her shoulder to see where they'd gone, ignoring his gurgling sounds, and decided that if they weren’t clearly visible she’d leave them there – she didn’t want to ruin the tree.

When she looked back at him, his tongue was protruding and his eyes were wide, but he was gone. She sighed. She got up and went to the sideboard, and poured herself a large port. Now she could relax. 

Words: 330


  1. Hey, everyone likes to have a peaceful, relaxing holiday! Nice story!

  2. This I can relate too! Lol Lovely story :)