Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Visual Dare - Tenacious

As always, an interesting photo prompt and word from Visual Dare this week, which gave me a snapshot of a story. Enjoy.


“You’re a tenacious bugger, aren’t you? When will you realise you’re not wanted.”

“So YOU say!” Damien knew shouting at the man might earn him more pain, but he didn’t care; he wasn’t ready to give up yet, even though he was lying in the dirt.

The man stepped forward, and Damien flinched as the back of his head was pushed to the concrete. Fortunately his arms were under him so he was able to resist.

“You’re a snivelling grunt of boy, aren’t you?” The man spat into his ear, “I ought to do you right now!”

“Winston, No!”

The shout came from the fire exit across the road, causing Winston to release his grip instantly. When Damien’s head bounced up he saw it was the Controller in his gleaming white suit.

“Bring him here. I might have found a use for him after all.”

Damien grinned. He was in.

150 Words



  1. Oh .. I wonder if that means being saved at all.. hmm

  2. @Angela_Goff 28 Jan: Love @PurpleQueenNL’s #VisDare entry this week - reads like the opening hook to a top-notch novel.