Thursday 9 April 2015

Five Sentence Fiction - Hunt

I'm quick off the mark with this week's Five Sentence Fiction as the combination of the word and photo presented a nice little story. 


Helena looked at the sign post but could only make out the name of the country, which she already knew, not the direction she was travelling in – for all she knew she could be driving round in circles.

She berated herself again as she returned to the car, for not having grabbed a map as well as her passport when she’d left, although she’d been in a bit of a hurry. It wasn’t often he left her alone, certainly not for long enough to pack a bag and make a run for it.

She’d spent the first few hours of the journey convinced she was going to see his truck pop up in the rearview mirror flashing at her to pull over, and driving her off the road if she didn’t comply – it wouldn’t have been the first time.

The only thing that stopped her despairing was that if she didn’t know where she was, then neither did he, and he wouldn’t be able to find her; she was free.


  1. I like it. Especially those last 3 words, "she was free." :)

  2. Terrifying in its portrayal of the situation in which so many women find themselves.

    1. I had a friend who ran to me, but he found her. It's not easy.