Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Visual Dare - Perspective

A word and photo prompt that couldn't be missed on this week's Visual Dare. 


It was only when David watched his child that he realised he’d been looking at his marriage all wrong. As the toddler pulled the lens end of the camera to his face, David saw how, instead of bringing her closer and focusing in on the best parts of their life together, he’d been pushing her away, keeping her – and all the things that were stressing him out – at a distance, making them fit into one picture, when they didn’t.  

He gently removed the camera from his son now he was attempting to lick it, and turned it over in his hands. So just like he did with his camera, David needed to take it apart, cleaning and repairing each little piece and appreciating its value, so he could start afresh. It would be like having a whole new camera, and just as exciting too.

144 Words


  1. I love this, Miranda, so much said, and such a great perspective!

  2. Miranda! This is great! :) Wow. Absolutely wow. :)