Sunday 12 July 2015

Soulmates - DFQMND

I'm all excited as our Dark Fairy Queen (or Anna Meade as she is also known), has launched a new contest the Dark Fairy Queen Midsummer Night's Dream Contest.

My first official publication in a book - Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Unexpected Fairy Tales was as a result of one of Anna's contest, and the last time one was over two years ago - Behind the Curtain. They come with great excitement and a flurry of incredible writing from everyone. It's an honour to be a part of them.

So, without further a do, here is my entry. I hope you enjoy him - sorry the story!

 The Angel by Heise.

Felicity sat bold upright, clutching her chest. Scott sat up with her.

“You all right, babe?”

“It was him again. He wants me to meet him.”

Scott rubbed her back. “Meet him? He’s doesn’t even exist!”

Felicity shot him an angry glance.

“Okay, he might exist in the ethereal sense, but he can’t manifest himself in the real world … can he?”

Felicity gave him a worried look. “I don’t know, but I have to go.”

“Go where?”

“The copse, midsummer’s eve, at midnight.”

“That’s tomorrow.”

“I know.”

Felicity shuddered.

“What time is it?” Felicity whispered as they moved deeper into the woods.

Scott used the torch to look at his watch. “Two minutes to twelve. What’s that?”

They saw a strange light coming through the foliage, and headed towards it.

When they arrived in the clearing, the angel was there.

He was magnificent, just as Felicity had dreamed. His chest was bare, though the angelic wings wrapped around him made him appear draped in soft finery. He seemed tall, and the light green glow surrounding him accentuated it. His bright eyes pierced hers.

“Hello Felicity.”

His voice rumbled deep within her, awakening feelings and desires she’d never experienced before. A longing to touch him overwhelmed her. She stepped closer.

“Hello Zelus.”

He eyed Scott.

“Who is your companion?”

“This is my husband Scott.”

“Husband?” Zelus’ brow creased. “Are you tied to another?”

“Well I wouldn’t say tied …”

“We’ve been married for several years.” Scott interjected. Zelus ignored him.

“Felicity, I asked you to meet me, to join me. We are soulmates. We have been for centuries – it has taken me two to find you. You can not stay with this mate.”

“Hold on a minute–” Scott began.

“Felicity please, you know it to be true.” Zelus’ right wing opened and he proffered a hand.

Felicity felt a pull in her gut. She knew he spoke the truth. “But Zelus, I can’t. I’m not like you, I’m mortal, human.”

Zelus smiled, a laugh leaving him like the sound of distant thunder. “Felicity, you are spirit, we all are. You simply need to take my hand. Come.”

Felicity hovered, her hand coming up.

“Felicity!” Scott shouted.

She glanced back at Scott.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry Scott, but I …” When Felicity’s hand met Zelus’ there was only bright white light and his face. She was home.

400 Words

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  1. Blimey, poor old Scotty :-/
    Good work, MK :-)

    1. I know, that's the fall out of the story really - but hey, if you're soulmate has been looking for you for two centuries, what do you do? ; -) Thanks for reading.

  2. A wonderful little story. I feel very bad for Scott, but that's life!

  3. Beautiful! I feel bad for Scott, but I'm a sucker for a love triangle. Especially one that involves one party who's been looking for the other for centuries :)

    1. I know, how could you resist that?! Thanks for reading.

  4. Hope Scott finds himself a nice girl who isn't into handsome winged gentlemen ;) great story!

  5. Nice. Your simple description-- "The copse"-- evokes the perfect image for your setting.