Monday 24 August 2015

Daily Picspiration - Ebbing

The next set of pictures for my Daily Picspiration entry didn't give me anything to follow on the last story, so it gets left hanging. And the two photos provided were offering two very different stories, so I had to pick one. 

The one I chose is also my ending story. After over two years of writing for Daily Picspiration I have decided to stop, as I need to claw back time and get focused on my main writing aim - novel writing. I also need to concentrate more on editing - not only on my own work but on those of others who are paying me for doing something I love! (critiquing, editing and helping them with their writing).

I have really enjoyed my time at Daily Picspiration but I know that if I miss it too much I can return. Nothing worse than feeling like you are leaving the party right in the middle of it, but needs must. So for my closing entry we go short and dark to round it up nicely. 

Posted on Sunday 23rd of August - you can read 'Ebbing' here.

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