Wednesday 7 June 2017

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 14

Despite a lot of reactions in the forms of comments and retweets, last week's photo prompt only elicited two submissions - although I did enjoy both of them very much.  I am grateful for those. I dread the day no one comes to write!

This week's photo prompt I have held onto for a while, as I try and change things up every week, and not repeat similar themes. This was taken in a former, now abandoned, TB sanatorium in Grabowsee, Oranienburg, Germany, which is a little north of Berlin. It was taken by someone over on Flicker called Michael.

I felt it offered a wide range of interpretation. Mine, as often is the case, is dark. I'm interested in what it might inspire in others. 

The General Guidelines can be found here.

How to create a clickable link in Blogger comments can be found on lasts week's post here.


She sees the window but can’t look through it. She yearns to touch it, but can’t reach it; an illusion she can’t shatter.

She imagines how it would feel: what breeze would come through it, how it would light up the room, give her hope. It held a promise the current room she was in had lost.

She knew it was unattainable now; she would never experience it again: to look through a window, feel the air on her face, smell the sweet smells of the outside. All she could smell in this room was herself: the body odour, the wounds, the abuse.

He would be back soon. He had a rigid schedule. She wasn’t the only one he held. But it wouldn’t be for much longer; she knew that. He didn’t. He still expected to get more out of her: more screams, more begging, more moans, more pain, more blood.

The mirror had been a punishment, reflecting her state. But it had been jolted during one of her days of resistance: a kick here, a push there, a shove causing it to crack and split. It brought hope.

Footsteps outside. His hand on the door. She braced herself, clutching the fragment that would end this. There would be blood, and pain, maybe screams. She hoped for begging – but none of it from her this time.   


  1. Brill prompt this week, I love it

    1. Wonderful tale, full of emotion. Love it.

      Here's a clickable link for other readers: In the Mirror

  2. Here's my piece (582 words is not too long is it?) --- it's called Blake's Wake:

    1. Not too long at all, the maximum is 750, as mentioned in the general guidelines linked above. Although I will admit to never checking length! I usually get too engrossed in the tale - as I did with yours. I like it, the concept and the dreamy quality of it. Thanks for joining!

      Here's a clickable link for other readers: Blake's Wake

    2. Awesome, awesome story.

  3. *wonders how he got from the picture, and the song, to the story.* Ah. The mysteries of life.

    Jonathan Danced

    1. Wonderful story, such description and emotion. Loved it. Thanks Mark.