Wednesday 12 July 2017

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 19

This week's photo returns us to the world of the surreal. The image was taken/created by Hermin Abramovitcha, a guy from Israel over on Deviant Art - and despite him saying that his work doesn't need to be credited, I think it should be. He's taken some great images.

It's only a short one from me this week - mostly because I thought it was Monday and not Tuesday and didn't have enough time to write more. I hope you all do better. 

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Wish and Dreams

She stroked the driftwood frame and imagined her life in its windows. She saw joy and laughter, elation and wonder, hugs and kisses.

Drops of water fell on the glass. They weren’t spray from the sea; they were tears from her eyes.
She wished so much she could create reality from those visions; she wished she could pluck them out and bring them to life.

But reality remained cold and hard, and empty, wishes were all she had.

She looked up at the receding tide on the beach, and watched the waves coming in and out, rushing forward and pulling back. Their motion was something to be trusted, to be sure of, to feel secure in. Their rhythm held fast every day; it didn’t deviate. There would be no sudden change, no hidden betrayal. She would not be left high and dry – not yet anyway.

She walked towards the ocean, feeling her whole body rock with their movement. In the wake of the waves the white horses ran, rushing in, hoping to be successful before petering out. When they reached her thighs she shivered at their touch. When they reached her breasts she gasped at their strength. When they went over her head she had no reason to wish anymore. She had reached the land of her dreams.

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