Wednesday 14 February 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 42

This weeks photo has proved untraceable: It is all over the internet, and trying to source the creator is impossible, which is such a shame as it's a great image - and a perfect image for Valentine's Day/Week!

I wanted to steer away from the standard Valentine story, which is what happened, but it turned out shorter and briefer than I expected, but I do like it.  What does this picture show you?

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Take Heart

No one wants me. I am here to give everything, open and waiting, but nothing.

I’ve been broken and discarded time after time; I’ve been ignored and dismissed as not being of any value, of having nothing valuable to offer. But yet I am the one that keeps it all together, even though I’m told I can’t be trusted.

So I have built a wall around me to protect me, but although it keeps out the pain, it has stopped the light from getting in. Now I am growing heavier and heavier, and sadder and sadder, there will be a point soon where I can no longer move.

But when I reached that point a realisation born is, and it is as though I have been plucked out of a wayward river that was washing me away. I am being held again and cherished. Bit by bit my wall is being chipped away and the light is returning, bringing with it such warmth as I have never felt before. And when there were doubts I am now consulted and my feelings valued. I have become happier than I could have ever imagine and able to express and revel in it. 


    I was brought up to believe that my heart belonged to one person. Not me, obviously. I was just the keeper of this heart and my job was to find its soul-mate.
    I tried. Between pursuing many careers, I worked assiduously at finding my heart's partner. Three times I thought I had succeeded, so went through the agony of having their name carved into my heart. Each time it failed, I had the double torture of removing their name and waiting for the wound to heal. Had it not hurt so much, I would have been tempted to replace the name with the phrase “Never More”.
    Finally, after living with a man I loathed, being beaten and ridiculed daily, I walked out to the stream in the meadow and removed my heart.
    “I am very sorry. I have tried. I have endured more than I ever believed I could and now I am going to let the river's waters wash away his name. Find your own soul-mate. I am finished.”
    With great regret and many apologies, I set the heart, still beating, adrift on the stream and walked away.
    From that moment, having stopped looking for one person, I found everyone loved me. With practically no exceptions, faces brightened when I arrived. I left people laughing and I was greeted with hugs and kisses wherever I went.
    Was my heart defective? Am I the only one who does not need “that special one”? I don't know, but I am sure that I am happy now and I hope my heart has found what it wanted;

    1. Lovely piece. Thanks for joining in, it's wonderful having you here.

    2. Great to be back! Remind me though because my memory isn't too good with all these bangs on the head!

  2. Posting for my friend Gilly Riet, who has written this wonderful piece:

    Where my heart was there is a hole, an empty cavity.
    Where you ripped it out and tossed it aside.
    Had it been broken it could mend
    Yet you choose to tear at it’s very fabric.
    And now I exist somewhere in the shadows, a fragment of my former self; emotionless, empty, raw.
    My body works on automatic pilot
    Going through the motions, scarcely eating or sleeping and feeling nothing – numb from the trauma thrust upon me.
    My blood flows like a lazy river, my pulse barely beats.
    My pallor grey – from all the heat loss - I shiver and quake, rocking back and forth in disbelief.
    How could this happen to me? Am I really so weak? Is this the sum of it?
    With all the strength I can muster I stretch and grabble to catch hold of the very centre of my being, that which holds warmth to envelop me. Where emotions swirl and the pulse of my existence is set.
    And by doing so return from darkness and rise out of the rapids into the light.
    I can and will reclaim my heart, but at what cost?

  3. Sorry I'm a day late, Miranda. Had a bit of a killer headache last night. Worst headache I've had in well over 10 years. So, I settled for writing this evening. It's a bit over the word limit. I seem to take the word limit with a grain of salt... :) Anyway. Here.


    1. Never be sorry. Just glad you come at all, especially with such superb tales. Thanks.