Wednesday 30 May 2018

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 57

This week's picture prompt by artist Mevludin Sejmenovic, from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have some rather wonderful enhanced landscapes which you can check out over on 500px. 

Had an idea of this story at the beginning, but as often is the case it transforms on the page. I like it, but there is a bigger story behind it. Maybe one day I'll explore it.

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Real Reality Games

The way the trees gave off a purple effervescence intrigued him, but the turquoise light at the end of the path drew him on. Max loved the feel of this world, even though he knew he should be cautious.

Randolph had told him to go straight to it and not muck about like last time. He knew Travis and Jonas wouldn’t rescue him again. He’d only wanted to explore the geometric world; he didn’t know the rigid structures would be so tightly controlled. Playing a prisoner had been no fun. It had been touch and go during the negotations to get him out.

But this world was entirely different; it was already softer and lighter. Even though the forest could be seen as threatening he found the sounds soothing. Strange pops and barks, rustles and squeaks. What made them? He pondered this as he followed instructions to stick to the path.

Untold treasures Randolph had claimed, but really what would that give him? More access to other worlds maybe? Certainly not a life of riches in his own. They’d found objects were worthless when they brought them back here. The only appeal for Max was the escapism, exiting his own empty mundane reality. He didn’t care about seeing different places. He wanted to create something within one of these worlds. He wanted to stay in one forever. He wanted the fantasy to become the reality.

Maybe he could be the pioneer: The one who stayed. He liked that. But would it start a mass exodus? Would it disrupt everything? For now the public didn’t know much about world tripping. They thought it was some virtual reality game. It wasn’t, it was a real reality game. You actually went inside and explored other realities – realities that the majority of the world thought were only fantasy. Time parallels and other dimension were fiction to them. Just a handful of scientists knew otherwise, and he was one of them.

The turquoise light was now dominating the colour spectrum; everything was lit up around him in varying shades of the aqua blue. It was magical and fairylike. But where was it coming from?

The trees thinned out into a clearing and there it stood – a ball of light emanating beams of pure turquoise. It stood way above his head glowing and deflecting the violet light that surrounded it.

Max was awed by it. He hadn’t seen anything like it in all the worlds he’d travelled through – and there had been at least a hundred. What was its purpose? Randolph thought treasure, but this was much more than that.

He walked right up to it and reached out a hand, but there was no surface just light. He took another step and then another until he was engulfed by the light. It was all around him and in him.

He felt his mood rise, a sensation of elation filling him. He felt like everything was possible that there were no limits to anything. His mind raced with all the projects he had been working on, and solution after solution appeared in his mind. He laughed at the joy of all the knowledge and the feeling of complete satisfaction and contentment that filled him.

He didn’t ever want to leave this place. He had found home. This was where he belonged. He felt it in every atom of his body. This was it, this was his destiny. He never needed to be anywhere else again. 

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