Wednesday 20 March 2019

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 99

This week's photo prompt - as best as I can ascertain, I believe was created by someone under the name of Georgie69 back in 2008, as it appears on a blog with many other pictures designed around the same picture, but the blog seems not to be in use after 2009.

I seem to have lost track of days this week. I thought it was Tuesday when it's Wednesday, and in my haste to write something, nothing is working, so I've gone with a poem. 

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The key

To find the lock
To find the door
To find the key to unlock the door

To know what’s there
On the other side
To enter in
And reside

To see within
And to be within
To revel in
And finally begin

So find the key
And open the door
Fulfill the dream
And discover more. 


  1. That door inside of me. Hidden deep. That door inside of me that I knew exists but I hid it behind the cobwebs and curtains, among maze of corridors and other doors.
    That door inside of me that I dare not to open, that door inside of me that keeps my essence, my hurt and broken essence. My insane, twisted inner child. The one that no one can ever see.

    1. I love this, although I find it heart-wrenching too. The inner child just needs a bit of nurturing is all! Thanks for joining Vanja.

    2. Thank you :) Love your poem too :)

      Yes I known just the picture reminded me of that time in my life long time ago when I was afraid of opening that place inside of me and stepping in. There is a whole book where I dealt with it that hopefully will some day be published.
      Yes, I left my job so have a tiny bit more time now for this as well along studying.

  2. I finally decided to try using words again. We'll see if I resume my silence, or if I find more words in the days ahead. Only time will tell.

    The Hall Of Heathens

  3. I did a little classically-styled horror short this time called Just A Job.

    I've put it on my blog and on Patreon, so you can get to it either way.

    Just A Job

    Just A Job - Patreon

    1. Thanks for posting here. I love this piece.

    2. Thanks! I had to make the post here using my phone. For some reason I couldn't get the post to take using my laptop. Now it seems to be working. I have no idea why.