Wednesday 18 March 2020

Review: A Compendium of Characters by Mason Bushell - Due out 18th of Marach

I recently had the privilege of editing this new release from Mason Bushell.  It's a collection of 31 short stories across multiple genres. Many sit in the magical fantasy or ghost realm and encompass themes of mystery, suspense, paranormal - some quite dark - sci-fi, romance, and even space pirates!

Mason has a distinct style of writing which is light and easy to read. He knows how to build a story to create suspense and cliff hangers, and can create dark scary tension too. He creates engaging characters with depth and skilfully includes humour in dialogue. His descriptive abilities are often detailed in such a way that you wonder if he has professional knowledge of the subject, whether writing science fiction, architecture or tales-at-sea, and he does it without info dumping or showing off; it simply adds to the story and characters. 

This collection is an eclectic mix of light-hearted, sometimes thought provoking and heart wrenching tales. There really is something for everyone. 

It's difficult for me to pick favourites out of such an array, but there were many I liked: from the opening story Ancient Aliens, to Spirits in the Woods, Harka's Quest, The Door, Murder Tower, Buttercup Lily and the final tale, The Flying Dump (Sorry, The Sparrow)- sci-fi with space pirates, what's not to love!

It's available for pre-order on Amazon here, and there will also be a paperback edition available too. 

A Blogtour kicks off on the release on the 18th of March and runs for a whole month, and includes a giveaway. If you are interested in taking part in either the tour or the giveaway you can get more information on Mason's website. Or follow him on twitter (click the link on his name above).

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  1. I'm honoured to be written about on your blog, Miranda. Thank you so much for sharing my book with such a nice review. Regards Mason.