Tuesday 17 May 2022

Review: The Seren Stone, by Lisa Shambrook

I waited a long time for The Seren Stone to be released, and then a touch longer to receive the paperback, but it was worth the wait; what lovely interior which only adds to what is already a mystical and intriguing adventure story. 

My review is below, but this is definitely worth having in your book collection. I can't wait for the next instalment. 


The Seren StoneThe Seren Stone by Lisa Shambrook
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so excited when this book was finally published. I read it in its early stages and loved the concepts it covers. I have always had a great love for anything that time jumps, and then when you add in magical gemstones and dragons, well you can't go wrong.

Lisa Shambrook has a very descriptive style of writing that draws on all the senses and paints a vibrant picture, and The Seren Stone benefits from that detail. It is full of rich scenery and world building. The main character, Loren, is thrown into another world with her two siblings and due to a dragon fight going on overhead, they have to quickly try and orientate themselves - which isn't easy when nothing looks familiar.

There are elements of Narnia and Lord of Rings but with Dragons and magical gemstones. It's the first book in a great adventure, and at the same time the characters deal with human themes like sibling rivalry, and mental health (anxiety).

I see from other reviews that many readers feel this is more of a children's adventure book rather than a young adult book (and have marked it down because of this), but I feel it contains themes for all ages. It is about three children struggling to make sense of a world they find themselves in, and about the relationships they develop with each other and the people (or dragons) that come into their lives. It doesn't take away from the book.

I recommend it to all those people that enjoy a good adventure book with magic and dragons.

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