Wednesday 3 August 2022

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 261

This week's picture prompt was created by The Master Baron on Deviant Art. They call it the Dream Machine. They have a lot of interesting digital imagesm wirtg a browse. 

Took me a while to decide on this one, and it's short but I like it. 

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A digital image of circle patterns like cogs, wheels and/or bubbles. Some of then look like they are lit up with a gold light. By The Master Baron on Deviant Art

Star Struck

Am I dead?

I must be, right?

That truck just went right over me. It came out of nowhere. I was just looking at that squirrel by the side of the road as I stepped out and, wham!

Unless this is ‘seeing stars’ … but that doesn’t look like stars; that looks like cogs.

But cogs for what?

My brain?

Or are they bubbles?

Lights even?

I’ll just reach out my hand …

Okay, no hands.

No body, just me.

I’m dead.

Or am I dreaming?

Could be dreaming.

Or could this be what is on the ‘other side’ – is this the afterlife?

Well if it is, it’s pretty.

But where are the people? You know all those people who loved you in life and are already dead, like grandparents and such, who come back to meet you and take you through?

It’s all bollocks then, isn’t it? Thought so.

So instead of a bright white light you go through, there are some kind of cogs, or wheels … Or is this space?

Have I drifted up in an ethereal state into the universe? This could be a nebular of some kind. I might have floated into it.

But wow, isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it wonderful? I feel so elated, so full, so happy?

Is this happiness? Is this what it feels like to feel complete and whole and ‘at peace’?

Am I at peace? I definitely feel it.

I can’t even remember ever feeling different. I can’t remember … well, anything.

I could just stay here and stare into these amazing rotating circles forever.

And I will.

I just want to be here with them. I want to be in them, I want them to be here with me.

I love them. And they love me, right? I can feel it. Like a tangible thing coming through their light.

They do.

I never want to be anywhere else ever again.

There is nowhere else.


  1. You need to watch those darn squirrels!

    My entry for this challenge is called Run-on Sentience.