Wednesday 12 April 2023

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 290

This week's photo prompt is by Sortvind over on Deviant Art, a Norwegian artist. He posted it back in 2007! He hasn't posted since 2016, and I haven't been able to track him down to anything recent. Anyway, he calls this Stay Focused II.

Short and sweet this week - and dark.  

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Close up of drops of water falling from a tap in a room with black and white checked walls. The black and white check is reflected perfectly in the droplets of water. Photo take by Sortvind on Deviant Art

Drop Dissociation

He was intrigued how the black and white pattern on the walls reflected in each drop of water as it fell, shining in the glare of the single naked light bulb, before landing on his face. He had managed to stop caring about the sensation, and diverted the panic it aroused, instead turning his mind to the droplets themselves, letting the fascination of the perfect reflection and defined checkered pattern take over and consume him.

It carried him away from this place of torture, where they were trying to get him to speak. They hadn’t worked out yet that he couldn’t. Their enemies were also his enemies. They had taken his voice box some years ago and he couldn’t tell them anything while they kept his hands tied behind his back.

They seemed to think this kind of persecution would help them, but it wouldn’t. They’d never be able to catch them if they couldn’t understand who were their friends and who were their enemies. They were foolish people from a land so far away they had no concept of life here, either what it had been or what it was now.

This wasn’t hard. He could lie here as long as it took them to work out that they were wasting their time. He had learnt long ago to see beauty in the tiniest of things; it was the only way to survive. And here he was again observing each drop as it fell like they were coming from another dimension … and maybe they were. They seemed to slow down when he watched them, as he waited for them to tumble in the light and take up the pattern of the walls. He could dream of being in another dimension, stepping inside one of those droplets and vanishing from this place. And mentally he did just that. He had all the time in the world.

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